(5-CP) Withdraw Logic: 100% + enemy preference

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Dec 9, 2017
Counterproposal to (5-25) Withdraw From Melee Change (Pt1 - consistent mechanic)

(same as in the original proposal)

Change the "Withdraw from Melee" mechanic to the following.
  • The %chance is now 100% on the first melee attack against the turn that round. It is now 0% on all subsequent melee attacks.
  • The %chance is no longer affected by speed.

(different to the original proposal)
  1. The unit retreats to plots 1, 2, or 3. The unoccupied, legal plot with the lowest number of adjacent enemy units is preferred.
  2. If any number tiles have the lowest number of plots, withdraw to plot with most adjacent friendly units.
  3. If there is still a tie, a random decision is made.
- If Tiles 1,2,3 are all occupied or unavailable, the withdraw chance lowers to 0%.


Differs from 5-25b:
- 100% fallback, once per turn
Differs from 5-25c:
- withdrawing straight back is not a priority
- includes adjacent friendly units

Rationale: The rules are still straight forward, and this rule set is the most favorable for the retreating unit. Random final fallback is less exploitable than an "always retreats to the left just because".
I anticipate most want RNG gone so I'm realistically hoping this one comes out on top -- I think the withdraw direction logic here will make this a desireable promo, increasing unit's survivability -- others are more likely to place withdrawing unit in unideal position, and encourage human attacker to manipulate angle of attack for favorable outcomes that the AI does not consider
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