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[Complex] (6-52) Austria UB Change

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Dec 20, 2022
Coffee House (vs Grocer)
+3 Food (vs +1)
15% of Food carried over when Citizen is born
+3 Gold to Tobbacco tiles, +1 Gold and +2 Production to Coffee tiles; +2 Gold to Bananas tiles; +2 Gold and +2 Production to Tea tiles
-1 Unhappines from poverty
+33% GP boost
+1 Merchant specialist
10% of your empire's Culture is added to your Science


Ballhausplatz (vs Printing Press)
+5 Culture (vs +1)
+2 Paper (vs +1)
+2 Diplomat specialists (vs +1)
+1 Great Diplomat Points
+20% Production of diplomatic units in this City
All diplomatic units receive the Literacy promotion: Grants +5 Influence when you conduct a diplomatic mission, +1 movement for diplomatic units, and the ability to ignore terrain costs
+1 Culture from Chanceries
10% of your empire's Culture is added to your Science
Each of your City-State Embassies provide an additional WC Delegate

This is u/pineappledan's idea, with a slight modification. Austria was nerfed recently to lose it's extra WC votes. This change would incentivize the player to choose whether they spend the GD on influence or embassies. By giving the player more paper instead of a flat %GP boost, he is incentivized to try and marry more city states.

Complex Proposal: DLL + Database Changes
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I would prefer changing the Coffee House focus to more Diplomatic one (currently it is mixed with Merchants, GP and Science, that I don't know what is it for) instead of adding another boring National Wonder replacement to the game.

As a suggestion we could leave +33% :c5greatperson: GP boost, but instead of 1 Merchant specialist we could give it flat +1 :c5greatperson: Diplomat point. Instead of +3 :c5food: Food add a bit of :c5culture: Culture. Small change, but fits well the Austrian theme.
Just a heads up that I may have written it out, but I don’t support this idea. I will be voting against it.

Austria doesn’t need extra WC votes, and I would even say she is more interesting now that she is more balanced between her CV and DV victory bonuses. This proposal is much stronger than her current UB, and will be a major buff to a civ that we are trying to nerf.

At minimum, I would like to get a re-assessment of Austria’s new power level since the changes from last Congress before making further changes.
Yeah you had wjtb this one until the extra votes. Having played the new Austria recently, she absolutely needs no new votes.
I'm not sure if I like the extra votes part of the proposal, but I do think Austria should be further adjusted. The last time I played Austria (which was admittedly a while ago), both the UB and the UU felt very underwhelming. In my experience, Austria's capital has such a huge GPP output that other cities basically never produce any great people, so any GP generation bonus feels useless in non-capital cities.
Please no.
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