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Nov 26, 2016
Welcome to the 6otM177 After Actions Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

Please attach your victory save to your post.

- How did the True Start Location (TSL) impact your first city placement, etc.?
- What was your plan for achieving the VC? What are the major steps you planned to take? What events, if any, changed the plan in execution and to what new plan? Any interesting decision points?
- What were your initial 5-10 builds in the capital or other early cities?

- Early order for technology/civics? What did you prioritize for technology/civics?
- How did the leader bonus and civ unique ability impact your plan/play, if at all?
- How many cities did you settle and/or capture? Where did you settle your first few cities?
- What were key production/purchase focuses?
Military units / Civilian units / Districts & city development / Wonders / Civ Unique Unit & Infrastructure? Most critical or interesting?
- Pantheon chosen and why? Religious beliefs chosen, and why?
- What governments did you select? What key policy cards did you use? Why?
- Which Governors were most important; when and why?
- Was diplomacy/trading useful? How? Relations with other civs?
- When did you have Dark/Golden ages?
- How did the map affect your gameplay?
- Any surprises/frustration/elations you ran into, how did you deal with it?
- Did you enjoy your game?

Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.

If this is a replay, please indicate 'REPLAY' at the top of your post. If you conduct regular restarts, please indicate 'RELOADS' at the top of your post. More posting helps us all get play better as we understand the methods of others, but want to clearly distinguish between a first run through without reloads and other submissions as it is much harder to recover in game from the mistakes we all make.
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DV 112

Spoiler t112 :

Very funny... ;)
I won't spoil much for the rest, but the general game was very fun. Not much to talk about either, just a plain straightforward push.

For the last 15 turns I was trying to get the last Aztec city, and once I did, my victory got made literally impossible for the last 5 turns because America has disappeared and reappeared in the very same turn. This simultanously forced peace for 10 turns and reestablished them as a player in a capital city of Ottawa. So I had to shift-enter a bunch of turns at the end, until loyality flipped him and I got the victory screen.

Thanks for the game!


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DV 150

Great game, full of surprises!
Was easy to win - early on, I was playing much too cautiously, the bonus against civs in golden age and free
cities was extremly powerful. Getting golden ages myself (all after the initial) was no problem either.
One thing that set me back was that in the early game, the entire amazon rainforest region was burning,
several times, which killed part of my army and rendered the region impassable for quite a while.
Of course, the yields afterwards were amazing, I could not resist building the chichen itza on top :).

Thanks for this game!


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Fun game! Brazil's loyalty pressure was a struggle and made taking South America really tough, but once I got to Rio I started making traction and was able to hold the continent pretty shortly after. Quadriremes upgraded to Frigates helped me take the American and Canadian coastal cities, freeing up my trebuchets/bombards to plow through Montezuma's and Poundmaker's capitals simultaneously.


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DV T141. I'm not a big fan of DV nor RSL maps, but this one was fun. I realized only very late in the game that Americas is the only continent populated with civs, luckily I had not committed myself too much on sending armies to other continents. I managed to scout part of Europe and Africa, but even the "Free" CS didn't help me much at such a late point in the game.

I actually did not meet America or Canada at all, they had already turned to free cities at that point. Poundmaker I met like 6 turns before my victory, I just barely had enough troops quite nearby so that I could capture the capital without having to spend a lot of time to move more significant forces there.

In the beginning I made a good choice of bypassing Inca first, because they love to build walls, while Brazil and Colombia had "open gates". After taking these 3 nearby civs, it was natural to continue North. Maya capital was very strong, so I had to again circumvent it and attack the free city area which had once been USA and Canada. Tenochtitlan I captured via loyalty later.

Chemamul were actually really useful, but Malon raiders came too late for them to have any effect, so I didn't build them. This game was clearly tailored for Mapuche's abilities, which worked well.


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Best of Luck! :viking:
I don't want to give up, but my first attempt was a failure. I settled on the upper diamonds tile, somewhat close to others, and that triggered war and loyalty loss. I protected my city, but loyalty took it away.
On my next attempt, I'll play the long game.
I don't want to give up, but my first attempt was a failure. I settled on the upper diamonds tile, somewhat close to others, and that triggered war and loyalty loss. I protected my city, but loyalty took it away.
On my next attempt, I'll play the long game.
One unique situation for a True Start Location (TSL) is that there are copies of the maps. (or some map knowledge on a second playthrough) Based upon the TSL, consider moving the initial settler south near the natural wonder for some really awesome first city tiles. With lots of tile appeal, Chemamull can give significant culture.

Once the first heroic age is reached, swift hawk (+10 Combat Strength when fighting civilizations that are in a Golden or Heroic Age, or Free Cities) should really help the war effort so that is a great time to go on the offensive.

Dramatic ages at immortal and deity can be very tricky. Definitely want to avoid dark ages as the loyalty pressure from free cities is intense. Every tech/culture advance also adds one era score so you can use this to help get there or if already there hold back on not getting new ones (partial research lots of things) - unless needed/wanted now.
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Domination Victory Turn 345
I got lucky about turn 50 when Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui left a settler unprotected
The extra city and the momentum in loyalty pushed me over and from then it was a slog up to Canada
I did get over to Europe and Africa ~T100, which helped greatly with staying in the golden age


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DV T118

That was fun. Good idea! This time I did not really have to make the decision on starting the wars, the others made it for me by leaving Settlers undefended. I managed to catch 5 settlers in total, out of which 4 was very useful, the last came too late.

I gave myself an extra challenge to meet all CSs before finishing the game, but I only met 23 out of 24. Still pretty close.
I also wanted to settle on another continent, and I was 1 turn away from colonising Hawaii and Morocco.



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Domination victory T106.

I usually don't like domination and not a big fan of the real starting location maps as it gives away some of the mystery of the map.
I conquered a coastal city early using 2-3 galleys. I didn't realize I was going to lose it to loyalty, but I had a scout close that could pillage the silver mines for money. I then started using that city as a bank, repairing the improvements and keep recapturing it (flipping city strategy). I think this strategy is what catapulted my game forward, in combination with capturing Washington using 2 galleys which made it possible for me to start a second front there using gold to buy units.

The game got a bit too easy with the +10 combat bonus vs other civs, and the civs that missed golden age got eaten by loyalty pressure. I was expecting to find a singular civ on the other continent but was a bit dissapointed when that wasn't the case.

Anyway, I really learned how powerful city flipping can be in this game and it sure is something I will use in future games. I do believe however, that I will probably only play culture and science games from now on as I feel those are the only ones I really enjoy. The mapuche builder improvement is really powerful (I think one of the best builder improvements in the game?) with so many breathtaking tiles and it would have been fun to play a science/culture game using the same settings ;).
A well made scenario though, but I think it would have been funny to put one opponent on the other continent to add a nasty surprise in the end. ;)


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DV T165 (Replay)

I do not usually try to rush domination victory and on my first attempt I learned a few lessons the hard way.

Very fun game - this is probably the most I've ever actively interacted with the loyalty mechanic. Lots of governor hopping and by the end of the game every city on the map was in or nearing rebellion. Pillaging across North America with 5-10 malon raiders
(with raid policy card) in the late game was incredibly powerful and they enabled a back door capture of the Cree capital.

Thanks for the game!


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This was definitely a challenging Game of the Month! My first attempt ended in an early defeat when I went from Golden Age to Dark Age, and lost both of my cities. Lessons were learned, as this was my first time (in 3000+ hours of Civ 6) playing a True Start map. So I settled further south, and started taking Free Cities that were closest. Science and Gold was my focus for the first few eras, which I used to buy my way into a modern military. This is when I really started building momentum, taking nearby former Capitals of Brazil and Gran Columbia that went free. I also exploited giving back cities I knew would flip to loyalty, and built thousands of Diplomacy for my efforts. Before I knew it, with only two Capital cities remaining (Cree and Canada) and an overall score of 2304 on turn 309, I won a Diplomatic Victory!
Truth be told, I could have probably won this sooner if I had started spending Diplomacy sooner - or gave a second thought to a Diplo Victory - which I always disable and ignore. But overall this proved to be a real fun game, with lots of difficult strategy involved. My favorite part of every game is placing Seasteads, which is like a watery zen garden to me. Thank you, whomever provided this GotM!

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I never made it very far on this one. Gave up on turn 285 as I was down to three cities at the southern tip of South America and Brazil didn't seem in any hurry to put me out of my misery.


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