(7-19) Constabulary/Police Station Security Updates [Spy Update 7]

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
This is one of a series of proposed tweaks to the Spy system to polish the new version.

  • Constabulary: Base security increased from 15 to 20. Gain +1 security for every 2 population. (Wat would be adjusted the same)
  • Police Station: Base security stays at 10 (unchanged). Reduce +1 security per 1 pop to +1 security per 2 population.
Rationale: Right now the security system isn't really working. Constabularies are not providing any real security, and police stations come too late in the game to really make the difference. Here's an example.

Current Security Bonuses:
At least one player doesn't have spies+1000
Difficulty+20 on Settler, +10 on Chieftain (humans only)
Bletchley Park+10 global
Public Works+5 each
Piazza San Marco+10
Police Station+10 +1/:c5citizen: Population (+10 more with Police State)
National Intelligence Agency+10
Great Firewall+50
Every time the city is hit by a spy mission+2 (scaling with game speed, less on slower speed)
:c5citizen: Population-2 each
:trade: Trade Routes from/to this city-1 each
Excess :c5unhappy: Unhappiness-4 each

Note that every population gives a -2 to security (not -1, a lot of people were confused about that!).

So imagine a Pop 10 city with a constabulary. It has security:

10 (Base) +15 (constab) - 20 (population) = 5 security (basically nothing).

So what you see in games right now is that vast majority of cities have 0 security for the VAST MAJORITY OF THE GAME!!!

With this change, constabularies will now provide a real bonus:

With change: 10 (Base) + 20 (constab) + 5 (constab pop bonus) - 20 (population) = 15 security.

The police station loses half of its per pop security bonus, but constab + police station will nullify the population penalty to security (which is how the police station works now). So once police stations are online, the effective overall security will only increase by 5 over what we had before.

MAGI: Complex Proposal, database and DLL changes
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You forgot +20 on Settler and +10 on Chieftain. :)
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