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(7-56) AI Handicap Bonus: City Founding Gold/Food Adjustments

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Proposal: For Prince+ difficulty levels, remove the gold and food bonus for city founding from Ancient/Classical/and Medieval eras.

For Renaissance+ Eras, the gold and food bonus is doubled (increased by 100%).

Culture and Science are not affected.

Please reference the attached excel for exact numerical changes.

Rationale: One of the obvious annoyances with the AI handicaps is when they forward settle, but due to their larger boosts of food and gold on city founding they are always to rapidly grow and develop the instrastucture of that city so quickly that its fully defensible by the time you would want to attack it. This change is meant to be reduce the immediate bonus the AI recieves upon founding cities in the early eras.

However, by Renaissance (aka Pioneer), the AI is still sluggish when it comes to such expansion. So we are doubling the bonus it gets from here onward to help its late game expansion plans keep up with what humans can do.

Overall, this will be a nerf to AI difficulty, how much will need to be playtested, and then further adjustments can be made if the difficulty is changed too much.


  • Difficulty Bonus Proposal_Congress 7_CityFounding_GoldFood_Removal.xlsx
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