A hopefully simple question


Dec 24, 2003
I would like to make some new "home cooked" Conquests. What I need to know is once I create a folder in the Conquests folder, what info do I need to put in there? From taking a glance at one of the shipped conquests it seems that I need units files, Civolopedia files and other things. Could someone tell me what files I need and also give a brief description of how it works (say why you would put some files in and not others)?

I would also need to know how to change Tech Tree stuff, but I believe that is a different forum…

Thanks in advance.

there is a sub-forum called "completed mods" or similar, in which you will find detailled description about how to set up your own mod.
Welcome to CFC!

You don't need a civilopedia, but it won't hurt. You will however need a PediaIcons, if you want to add units, or tech, or city improvements, etc. Here is a great guide to adding units. Hope this helps.
It's much easier to just mod an original conquest. You can gut it completely and add whatever units/civs you want. Import function can sometimes be useful if you screw up. You have to add all new graphics to the pediacons. Just read through one of the pediacons to learn how it works and look through the art folder of any conquest - easiest way to learn is just looking at what's already there. I read the tutorials on adding stuff after I already knew how to do it and I still couldn't understand them at all cause they're just too wordy and unstructured. And back up each file before you mess with it and put into a new folder called 'Civ Backup' or whatever.
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