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Dark Sheer

Nov 15, 2001
Penang, Malaysia
Here is something I come up with yesterday as I was staring into my computer screen. ;)

I just use some basic shape to create some sort of stick figure in excel format (yup, MS Excel) and I realize that they can be used to create Civ3 animation easily. Well, at least the basic animation for humans. You do need to add other things such as clothes, hat, weapons etc. :lol:

I will attach some preview of the stick figures I created which I have converted them into flc (or rather gif in this case). Please note that the run animation preview is very very simple (only 10 frames) and without shadow it really doesn’t look that good (hey, I cook this up in about 2 hours only :D ). I hope these figures will help those who likes to create some original animation that Civ3 does not have. ;)

I have created the figure to be slightly bigger. But I find that if you reduce it to 25% it is about the right size for Civ3 units. You can ungroup the basic shapes to rotate/resize the in Excel and it is as good as any 3D animation program without all the hassle. :king:
Here is how the 8 basic direction frame looks like in Animation Shop.


  • basic animation.gif
    basic animation.gif
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And here is a single direction of run animation. It does look a little funny without shadow as it is very hard to see the different between the left and right legs. ;)


  • basic run.gif
    basic run.gif
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that's a great idea.... maybe i'll even design a unit with it.
well ill try @ least
The first one is making me dizzy! :crazyeye:
the second one looks like a very funky dance [dance]

But it looks great and is a good Idea, now mabey we will bet more diversity in the types of units being made :D
Glad to see there are some interest. ;)

Here is another possible animation, some sort of kick which I made using the basic frames. :cooool:


  • basic kick.gif
    basic kick.gif
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