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Naval Blockade and Com. Raiding

A screenshot of my test minimalist mod game on debug: Privateers with bombard ability strangling shipping by destroying the harbor. Without control the seas, one can not properly harvest water tiles and ship resources before air trade.

Screenshot (157).png
For my mods, I usually add coastal defense guns for this very reason.
Same here. Leaving a port undefended by artillery and troops is not a good idea. I tend to go with the Manila Bay approach. I do need to add Fort Drum to the building mix for just that purpose. Fort Drum was one of the forts at the entrance to Manila Bay prior to World War 2, and was referred to as the "Concrete Battleship". It was armed with two turrets, each with two 14 inch guns. The Japanese were never able to silence its fire during the attack on the Manila Bay forts.
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