A question regarding speed!!!


Oct 31, 2001
Hey Everyone,

I picked up Civ 3 back when it was released, but my work schedule got crazy and I wanted to wait for the bugs to get worked out before I got totally addicted again. Anyways after this latest patch I have started playing again and am enjoying alot.

However I have run into a problem. Each turn is now taking about 5 minutes (after my last move). It is about 1750ad and I am playing on a huge map, 7 civs, small land mass. <My comp is a p3 550, 512megs ram and a GEFORCE 2 vid card.

Is this common to be so slow? am I SOL for huge maps maps? Is there anything I can do to reduce the turn time? I am really into a great game and dont want to start a new one, but the delay is making it almost unplayable.

Thanks for any help!
I`ve had the same problem I`ve noticed something about times between turns if you have alot of automated workers it slows the game alot. I played a game where I had about 120 automated workers the time between turns was in minutes it was really bothering me then I lowered the number of automated workers to 30 and the wait was insigficant.

That might be your problem that would be my guess try reducing the amount of automated workers that should shorten your wait time
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunatly I have about 5 auto workers atm. It seems to me it the computer players that are taking up all the time...
Huge maps are a long wait, yes. Have you turned off animations? Small land masses do help, but the late game will lag no matter what, even with a top of the line PC.
I have annimation left on, I will try turning it off, thanks for the idea! Hehe I really want to keep playing this game, but I guess I will stear clear of huge maps in future games, too bad as I really am enjoying the large map.
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