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Jan 21, 2002
I've recently started work on a hypothetical scenario. We all know that Spain once had a massive empire, which was gradually lost as time went by. In this scenario, Spain will try to regain that empire (in this scenario, SW. America and Mexico). I've attached some of what I've done so far. If you've any ideas or know any good graphics resources, I would appreciate it (since I'm hardly an artist!).
I beg your pardon for my rather bad english :D. I'm Spanish and if I can help you... Can I ask you a few thinks?

1) In what age you want place your scenary?
2) About do you want information?
3) Is you scen about stopping revolt in America? (A interesting topic. Spain has armies in America, and rebels have too...) Or is about a 'Reconquista' of America in the XIX century?

I want know more information before speaking more but If I can do you a suggestion, Rusia in 1820 suggest that the Europeans powers must reinstall the Spanish Empire in America. This suggestion was refused, but can be a start for your scen... :D
Well, in reply:
1) this scenario takes place in the near future.
2) I would just like web locations for general resources for graphics, scenarios, etc. For work on this and future scenarios.
3) It is a "reconquest" of Mexico and the American Southwest by Spain, playable nations so far include: Spanish, Mexicans, Americans, Russians, North Europeans, South Europeans, and North Africans, though this is subject to change.
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