Age transition problem


Feb 12, 2002
I have been having problems with a transition from middle ages to the industrial ages. They game runs fine from the point the discovery is made, to when the video of the town upgrading is finished. When I hit ok my computer crashes, and I get the lovely error report screen(almost as bad as the blue screen of death). I have this gut feeling its XP thats doing it but I'm not sure.

My system is:
Celeron 400
128 mb RAM
Nvidia TNT(yes the regular one) 16mb
Win XP(regretting this for some reason)

Another reason I think its happening is because my system can't handle it. Any insite would be great.


I have excatly the same problem.

Running it on a system similar to yours except I have win98 and I'm playing on v116f.

Unfortunately I have no idea what is causing it...
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