AHH. The Magenta Pixels of DOOM

CEO Daedalus

Apr 12, 2007
Do you have a customized picture for your civ 3 game and it has those icky magenta pixels all over it. well i can fix that issue.

Most of you know that the Magenta color is the primary underlayer of the game

Heres how to fix it

1. Open a photoshop program (i use Corel Photopaint 11)

2. Open the pic you want to fix.

3. Go to image and check somewhere under colors (it may vary, mine says color mode) and go to Paletted mode. you should see two pics of the same thing. (again, may differ), go to processed plate and try to find the following colors

R-255,G-255,B-255 aka white
R-0,G-0,B-0 aka black
R-200,G-202,B-22 (like a dirty green color)
R-100,G-16,B-22 (purpleish)

these colors automaticaly merge with the underlayer, automatically turning the colors to magenta

now change them to a similar color. its that simple.

and it should be fixed. any problems, ask.
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