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AI changing from Gracious to Polite...

Evil Ruler

Nov 28, 2001
Hyvinkää, Finland
Very strange indeed...

I was allied with Russians and Greeks against England (who did a sneak attack against me and razed one of my precious city). The war was going well for me, but the Greeks were in a big trouble. They were losing a city after city and were also far behind in a tech-race. I was trading (or should I say giving) with both of my allies and both were gracious towards me.

Then I thought to longer the Greeks lifespan and gave them a total of 3 techs (all in once). They moved from gracious to POLITE!!! I really don´t get why that happened. Were they so pissed off that I was so far ahead of them in techs or what??? :mad:

Well anyway I did find a nice trick to do when conquering the English cities. I did have only cavalry to work with in their territory so I thought that the Greeks would like to have their former city back. So I just gave it to them. They got rifleman to defend the city. That was far better than my cavalry for defence. :lol:

After the English made a counter-attack and either captured the city back (reducing pop by 1) or were left to 1hp I was able to slaughter their cavalry with mine. I think the English lost a significant number of cavalry with this tactic.

Also got GL when counterattacked. When trading the city to Greeks just let the leader to sit in the city and vóila GL was transported back to my capital. :cool:

The war is still going but now I´m destroying all the English improvements with my infantry (they don´t even have to defend, the AI isn´t attacking them). Let´s see what that ***** will like not to have anything left!!! ;)
How about a civ going from Gracious to Furious (declaring war) in one turn for no discernible reason?

It happens. That crazy AI. :crazyeyes
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