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AI units that can embark very early even on Prince.


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Aug 8, 2003
As the title says, I noticed that AI units can embark in Archipelago map earlier than I do even on Prince difficulty level, eventhough I'm Norway and streamlined for it. It is whatever AI, last time It was Scythia warriors in my island, they were near a city-State but i was allied to it so it couldn't be levied troops. WTH man... the technology required to be able to embark is pretty much expensive early, plus i'm not sure they built the 2 galleys required to boost it... I even noticed they had a city where they shouldn't be able eto settle one. What's happening here ?
So, nobody plays Archipelago maps to hinder Deity AI expansion, and see it not working ? Is there some rules that says AIs will have embarkation on Archipelago maps since the start ? Because I feel it's weird. Suspicious, even.
Shipbuilding is not that expensive. 22 turns, althouhg may look expensive, isn't that, is usually the cost involved when you have a single city. and it's a relatively cheap Classical Era tech compared to others (because it has a single tech requirement). You can beeline to Classical with just Sailing and then Shipbuilding.

when AI realises it's stuck on an Island, which probably is often true on Archipelagos maps, it probably pushes it's priority high in order to be able to embark.

Also, AI is very efficient on Prince. You're on par, and you could very easily bee-line it yourself.
The AI gets no bonuses to anything on Prince - those start at King. A Prince AI does not get any direct bonus to science. If you want confirmation that the AI "cheats" on Prince, you will not get it, because it does not.
I know that. I was just wondering if there was a special rule for Archipelago maps, since AI can be abused (theoretically) on those. But for some reason even on Prince (where the AI is supposed to be very bad) they get the seafaring units way before I do, eventhough I go directly for it.
AI will certainly beeline for techs like that when they can't expand due to being on an island. Yeah it seems they get to it so fast, I used to say the same thing. Keep in mind they may be laying down an early campus district. Which if you are playing with the latest, patch they are very apt to do.
I would have to test it, but there are some reasons it could beat you. They might have science in their tiles. Could be turtles or tea. They could have a natural wonder. An extra point is significant when you only have 3 or 4 points.
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