No longer satisfied with current Civ VI experience, looking for advice on what to try next

At last someone tried it. It's not even a mod in Civ AFAIK... seems rather simple to make though...
And it is done so well. Honestly, Civ can learn so much from 'Aggressors:Ancient Rome'. The more I play it, the more I admire it.
After an hour of gameplay it gives a Steam achievement, that is owned by 50+% of players. The achievement after 10 hours of gameplay is owned by only just under 20% of players. Which is very sad, because the game seems to be quite good.

I wish Civ had territory control and acquisition along the same lines: you control what land you can step on and hold on. A huge part of the game is resource management. You can't have everything and you need to trade sooner or later, that means, you have to have some trading partners and diplomacy, and those aspects of the game are so much better done and less exploity than in Civ VI. Resources come from mines on the tiles or just the tiles, but even if the tile is next to the city, but you can't afford a unit to secure it, you will not necessarily hold onto it. You really need to care about borders, because AI can and will push back. Tiles are square, by the way, Civ IV style, and it is 3UPT. There are many different terrains and many different units to make use or be very bad on such terrains. I find warfare and combat much more engaging than anything found in Civ V or VI, including supply and heal mechanics. There are some regional buildings too, in a game from 2018. And you know what? The tiles in their area of effect light up, so you see at once what resources will receve a boost, with no need for UI mods. Crazy, I know. Civ VI, hello? What are your achievements in this area (of effect)?

Why is this game so obscure?? Yes, graphics may seem dated, but the gameplay looks like just amazing so far!
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