Alpha Centauri original tech tree poster, scanned


Oct 24, 2001
Hello everyone! Been lurking at CivFanatics on and off for over 20 years, didn't post too much.

Lately I've been revisiting SMAC, and the GOG version doesn't have the tech tree poster among the downloads. The one I got with the original copy of the game is by now either lost or on a different continent. Searching the web I found a PDF reproduction of the SMACX poster in vector graphics, but I wanted the SMAC one, and all I came across were scans and photos that weren't clear enough to be legible.

Anyway, I went and got the poster on eBay, scanned & edited it so I can use an electronic copy. I managed to get it down to a 7.5 MiB JPEG and a sligtly smaller PDF. I only have a small scanner so I ended up capturing the 16 folds separately, and it took some fiddling to fit them together & iron out the kinks. It'd be ideal to do this with a better scanner and a poster fresh out of the box, but the result is quite nice as it is. Unlike other versions you can find online, it's usable.

Please let me know if there's a copyright issue with posting the file. I'm guessing there shouldn't be, since afaik it's impossible to officially buy the game with the poster.

Happy Civving & Smaccing!



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Ok, so with the excitement about the 25th anniversary, and the AC2 forums hopefully coming back online soon ...
It'd be ideal to do this with a better scanner and a poster fresh out of the box
... I'm gonna do this. I got a copy of SMAC-X in near-mint condition (open box, the prices for sealed copies are thru the roof), and just ordered a comparable SMAC box. Now looking for large-size scanning services close to me. Which you'd think wouldn't be hard to find where I live, but it's harder and weirder than I expected.

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