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Jun 21, 2021
Is it possible that in the mid-game a quest or scenario comes about where you can get an ambassador unit (similar to a governor).

This unit is a 'one off' and will aid you with negotiations with European powers on the continent.

The unit (if taken to one of the European nation's city that you want to negotiate with) would give you a (small) bonus in getting that European nation to be compliant. This would be in such negotiations as 'open borders', 'declare war on' and 'make peace with'.

I have no idea how complicated this mechanic would be to implement, and it would be more for immersion rather than any ground breaking gameplay mechanics, but just wanted to see what people thought.
A lot of stuff is possible. :)

But this is currently just a "basic idea" - we would need to have a "real detailed gameplay concept" first.
Also we are really busy at the moment - stuff like this is at most "Priority 3" ... :dunno:
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