[BNW] Another late game question:


Paraclete of Kaborka
Oct 9, 2006
Santa Cruz, ca
I’ve looked at my cities various buildings. Some of them seem to have Great Persons as specialists for particular buildings. I’ve tried INSTALLING great people in buildings but I can’t. Maybe I need to have manual specialist control enabled for the city? I’ll try this. I currently have auto spec. control.

[Later:] When I turn on manual specialist control and check Oxford and my University, blue dots disappear from food tiles and my science per turn goes up. Have I found a strategy that’s new to me here? Is it really valuable?

I noticed that the blue dots are now checked for OTHER cities that have universities. What do you suppose this means? Can now I only have three science specialists for the whole game?

[I posted this in Quick Questions and didn't get a complete answer, so I've moved it here.]
I thought we answered it there: when you discover Education all jungle tiles automatically display 2 blue dots.
If you have one of the Rationalist policies, you get an extra dot from a Trading Post.

When you are doing Manual control of specialists, the ex Great Artist or Musician or Writer is called a Great Work. I confess that I don't have all the vocabulary in short-term memory and need to check the game or Pedia sometimes when posting.

If you build a Research center, you can put a fourth Science specialist in that slot.
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