Any cheats for Civ3?


Feb 19, 2002
Has anyone found any cheats for Civ3?

So far, i've head of this one:,10872,2847328,00.html

Which didn't work for me in Patch117f.

Then i've heard of a cheat where you type in 123123123 gold per turn and get it (Not entirely sure how you get that to work though).

And the cheat where you type 'multi' in the save game to see the whole map.

And finally the cheat where you press 'B' while firing a bombarding weapon (like catapult). But that didn't work for me in patch 117f either. You get the sights, but you can't fire.

So has anyone else heard of any cheats that work? :)

Thanks :)
rename your savegame to something containing the phrase "multi" (lowercase letters) and load it, then you will get the entire map, you will be able to change produktion in enemy cities, see all units on the map and more (haven't tested all the options)
You also might want to check out some of trainers/crutches in the utility section.

TCG Editor by hwinkels is particularly good.

Cyberman's Gold Trainer is another useful tool, though it's not fully compatible with 1.17f yet.

Gramphos has also made a couple of utilites that you'll probably find very useful.

All of these utilities adequately make up for there not being a built-in cheat mode in CivIII.
Originally posted by Source
Thanks MinuteMan, but where can i get these trainers?

You can get them here at this website. Just go to the forum named Utility Programs and you shouldn't have any problems finding what you want.
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