Any mod made by fans that improve the AI ?


Aug 20, 2011
I'm kinda sick of how horrible the AI is during war. I don't see how it can play worse I mean if you have 1city with 1 archer, 1 archer behind and 1 wall, your city is pretty much invincible even on diety. It needs legions of units to kill a city states and at least 5 times my army to be challenging whatsoever. I'm not even going to begin talking about the AI in sea because this is beyond ridiculous.

So... I'd like to know if there's a fan-made improvement of the AI or if Civ5 AI is going to be patched because it really needs one. I hope they know how bad their AI is right now. It really kills my fun

thank you !
May 17, 2011
There is the What would Ghandi do mod that change diplomacy a bit it is bettter however it can still be random.

Vanilla enchanched mod use what would ghandi do olso
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