Anyone have good results with buffing AI b4 game?


Jun 14, 2010
I finally won a deity game with out cheating against 22 AI. It took the better part of a month to finish the game to a domination victory. Before I did I was cheating as a learning aid, usually giving myself a few GS's or gold at the beginning so I can at least get my games off the ground before being over ran by the AI. Overtime I would lessen the bonus to myself until this last game I played totally normal. (and yes, I think this was way superior of a learning aid vs using the difficulty slider, the AI aggression and sheer number of units just never seems to be replicated on any other level)

But it got me thinking, with all the attention to the miserable AI and stuff, has any one tried using Worldbuilding to buff the AI and what the result was? Because I also know the AI is terrible about using any gold that they have strategically. I'm still going to try it myself after winning one more game on deity with no mods(except I do have nukes turned off, mods or not), but would still like to have an idea of what to expect. I'm thinking for starters, giving all AI 10k gold and a GS or two to start with.

I'm sure someone had to have tried this with all the deity level players complaining how easy it is. How did it work out?
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