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Anyone STILL have slow scrolling problems?


Jun 18, 2001
Truth Or Consequences, NM
I've read through most of the threads relavent to this problem (including the huge one above), but I still have no luck getting that slow scrolling problem resolved. Anyone else still have this issue?

I have an Athlon XP 1700+, Gigabyte GA-7DXR+ mobo, Nvidia GeForce 2 Ti, WinXP. All latest drivers as far as I know, latest patch.

The support site says the 1.17f patch is supposed to resolve this problem, but that's obviously not the case. I emailed to tell them so, but I don't expect a response from them, seeing as how nobody else got a response.

So any other ideas on how to fix this stupid thing? Anyone else still struggling with it? It's ridiculous to me that Firaxis actually wants me to rollback the drivers for a series of video cards that dominate the market. Don't they realize performance for other apps degrade? And the whole "close everything down before playing" mantra is garbage too -- I run the game with no problems on my clunky old Celeron 300 laptop with 64MB RAM, with all kinds of apps (MS Word/Excel) running in the background.

I gotta say, I am sorely disappointed in Firaxis's official support for this game. I mean, if I didn't know about this site, I'd have NO IDEA that other people have the same issues, or are getting no response. Even Microsoft provides better support than this.

Pure garbage. :mad:
Hey dude I have the very same problem as you. The game runs slow even with new installs and the patch installed. I am using the exact same motherboard as you except I have an AMD XP1900 and a GeForce 3 Ti500. I have installed all the latest drivers. I am at a lost also. I had no problem with the game until I upgraded to Windows XP. I sure would appreciate help also.
I've had email support from Firaxis for a while now, but no luck. Everything they've asked me to try has failed to resolve the issue, except for one: turning off the Plug and Play service. On my machine, that resolves scrolling, but I lose all sound, not just in the game, but for all Windows. Do you have the same issue?
Hokie...check out my reply to your problem in your other posting. :D
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