AoD2 Latest version: Download here!

Hey, I wanted to make a minor change to the mod that has to be done in the DLL..

Question: Is the DLL code provided with the mod download actually meant to make it compile?

If the answer to this question is a 'yes' than there seem to be files missing which were also changed and now prevent the DLL from compiling successfully.

It would be uber nice to get the rest of the changed files.. please.

Thanks in advance for this..

Useful hints are also highly appreciated.. mmmk

bai ;)
Download link does not work. Anyone have an alternate site for the files?
Im also looking for it.
If anyone still wants a copy of this mod Roamty kindly donated his to CivFanatics!

So I've repacked it (430mb down to 390mb) with 7zip and uploaded a copy of the mod to CivFanatics servers here:

Roamty also gave us the missing Age of Further Discovery addon so I've preserved that here to CFC too!

I think I can also bring back Dale's screenshots from his second post so I'll sort that out soon too. EDIT: All 20 images found & fixed! :)

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Good news guys! Dale asked Solver to check his WPC backups and he was able to find Dale's original AoD2 pure upload. It's around 30MBs smaller and has several thousand less files in it than Roamty's copy so it looks like the AoFD addon was indeed installed along with some others mods making it rather tampered with! So I've now replaced Roamty's copy with Dale's original clean copy here on the CFC file server. So anyone who's downloaded the file link above over the last couple of days will need to download it again.
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