AP and vassals - what if?


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Sep 10, 2001
Earth, Sol system
Although heavily using the Apostolic Palace wonder in BtS (I love it), a question remains. Please help me in the following "what if" situation:

a) I have founded the AP

b) I have an archenemy [=AE] who has not the AP religion.

c) My archenemy has a vassal [=AEV] (capitulated to AE) who has the AP religion

Q: What will happen if I bring up the vote "Attack the infidels = Attack AE" in the AP and the resolution passes? Can/must AEV declare war on its master AE??

Do you know what will happen?
My guess is that the situation can never happen because the vassal would defy the resolution in the first place, so that it couldn't ever succeed.

Just a guess though, I haven't tested it.
Logically the Vassal would have to defy the resolution. But its sounds cool so now I'm going to have try it as soon I can set it up in a game and see what happens. :D
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