Arrgh...I love this game, but it always freezes! Help!


Jan 31, 2002
Since playing this game two years ago, I've been hooked, and after returning it and having to play Civ I for a while, I decided it might be nice to play civ II again.
So I get the multiplayer Gold Edition, install it, and hit go.
The computer makes some 'I'm working' noises, then it suddenly freezes, and a few seconds later, the mouse does too.
I leave it alone for half of an hour, and when I come back, it's still screwed up...
I love this game, please help!!!
First thing I would try is downloading the latest Indeo Video drivers and codecs from . If that doesn't help use the Windows Update feature to update your version of windows to the latest available.
Well Cedric, I did what you said, and got the latest drivers, but it still freezes. It works for a few minutes, and then it freezes. Seconds later, the mouse freezes too, and from there I'm just screwed...
Please, if anyone here can help me, I'd love it. I'd hate to not be able to play this game, or have to get that Mac emulator to play it.
What Operating System are you using? What video card? Did you install the 1.3 patch? Did you use any mods? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
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