Attack Sub / Destroyer - changes

Thomas SG

Aug 10, 2007
Why are there no changes to the Sub and the Destroyer in my game? Has anybody else the same problem? :cry:
yes, when i installed the patch the XML files did not update properly, i had version 3.13 on the build version but no blitz etc available to ships.

Try re-installing it, if that does not work

Go into your civ 4 / beyond the sword / assets / XML / units and cut the "civ4unitinfos.xml" file an paste it to your desktop, do the same with the "civ4promotions.xml" this is so you have your original files

now re-install the patch, it should place new versions of these files into that directory if it has fire it up an it should be fine, you can then delete the ones on your desktop, if it has not put new files in and your game wont start, cut the files back from your desktop put them back were they were an send a email to firaxis teck support
Sorry, I'm confused.

The game says: Version 313
And new features like blitz to ship are available! I also reinstalled the game and the patch, but it's still the same - no changes to attacksub and destroyer. I also checked the XML - nothing happend.

What about your game?
I'm going crazy! Now I completely deleted unitinfo.xml and reinstalled the patch. Now it's working! What files may be also not updated by the Patch?
The XML files in your my documents folder are overriding those of the game (assuming you have some there). Remove the customassets folder (perhaps move it somewhere else) in your my documents folder and see if the new XML takes effect.
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