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Civ IV Excel Calculator Nerds


Paraclete of Kaborka
Oct 9, 2006
Santa Cruz, ca
For many years I've been using Excel macros I hastily wrote, named Current Civ IV Game and Civ IV Trade Calculator. If they sound like they could help you, I'll figure out how to make them available to those who have Excel; let me know the version you have. I just now got this idea, which is why the macros are crude.

Why don't we form a sub-group, to improve them. called Excel Calculator Nerds. I don't claim the macros are great! But are they better than what you have? Take a look, then maybe join the sub-group. There's a good chance you have better macros than mine. If I can make them available (free of course) to those who don't own excel, then I will, also. I think you can export read-only macros maybe? It's likewise been many years since I read the Excel manuals, also.

I'll do likewise for Civ V and VI and VII (if I live that long.)

I'm asking the admin to make this read-only, a sub-group, and the title in caps. (He could then remove this comment.)
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I am confused by this thread. You talk about Excel macros but I see no macro (as code) nor an Excel file with the macro in it. So how can people look at your macro (or optimise it, as you ask, or even turn it into e.g. Python code, which is something I would do if I would be interested in using an Excel macro)?
I said I have one. I didn't say it was ready for prime time. I solicited others to improve it first. :)
I think your only chance of making that happen is by putting it here so that others can look at it and, you know, improve it. :p

But I was just wondering, I have no real interest either way - good luck with it, mastrude! :)
I am curious to hear just what you are using macros for to begin with. I mean, excel it self sure. It's good for note keeping and calculation and planning. But I've newer really seen the need to write scripts beyond that. And I am the biggest excel nerd you'll ever meet. So color me curious.
Add me as a +1 to the "intrigued, but need more details" camp. I've written a couple of spreadsheets that could likely be macro-ized to keep track of metadata for other games that don't give me quite the level of analytics that I'd like. But there aren't enough details to know what your macros do, nor the ability to try them out.

I agree with need my speed that even if it's a bit rough around the edges, the way forward is to put something on the forum where people can try it and see, "it's useful for this, would be nice if it could do that though" and then start improving it. My Civ3 scenario editor started off quite rough around the edges, it wasn't even a scenario editor for the better part of a year, but it did at least one useful task, and grew from there. If I'd never shared anything until it was ready for prime time, I would have lost interest in it first and never shared anything at all.
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