August 2023 Update/Loading Issue: Please Help?


Sep 7, 2023
Thanks for reading this and any input you have. I have been having an issue loading the game on my laptop. It is currently running Intel UHD/GTX 1650 ti GPU's Windows 11 Home. The Game either crashes on initial load or at the map creation phase of starting the game. Notably as well Steam will crash along with the game client, so perhaps it is a linked issue. I have also ruled out Mods as the issue as I run identical setup on my PC, no issues. The problem happens before any Mod assets are accessed (i.e. no game actually started) and if I do start a game it crashes as my GPU should ramp up to 100% usage when in creates the map, game assets are loaded just fine before then.

Things I have tried to remedy the situation (in order):
1. Verify File Integrity
2. Update both relevant graphic drivers
3. Redownload and Reinstall the Game
4. Delete drive partition (Games are on my D: drive, System drive is C:) and repeat step 3
5. Completely reinstall my OS back to Windows 10 Home and wipe all drives for a clean Registry and Driver environment
6. Disable first my Intel UHD GPU and try loading game (to see if the game is having issue with the split GPU routing perhaps) same crash though
7. Enable Intel UHD GPU and disable the GTX 1650 ti and load game again, same crash
8. Update OS back to Windows 11 Home, repeat similar process from step 3 and 6, still crashing.

I have tried everything I know...anyone else having similar issue after the recent August 2023 update?

Thanks for your time :)
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