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Balance & AI Training

Discussion in 'Orbis Modmod' started by Ahwaric, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Skeet66

    Skeet66 Chieftain

    Apr 21, 2010
    OH! Thank you very much!

    So did I get this right? I can only summon them later game?

    I sort of rush them as sheaim so I can get a helping hand early game.

    I guess I need to wait to spread ashen veil?

    Edit: What If I already researched Infernal pact? Will they still appear If my enemies city
    taints with ashen veil? If not that'll be a cool feature.
  2. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    AV has pretty high auto-spread so it shouldn't take long before it spreads to other civs. But sometimes, if you research Infernal Pact just after Corruption of Spirit it fails to spread outside your borders.
    Unfortunately, Infernals won't be summoned if they weren't summoned at Infernal Pact. But I agree that feature like this would help in those situations :)
    If you have save before Infernal Pact, you can try waiting a while or adding AV religion to enemies' city in WB to check if it works.
  3. Therlun

    Therlun Chieftain

    Nov 8, 2004
    Heh, I just imagined nuking an enemy capital this way.

    Tech as fast as possible to infernal pact and send a priest to spread it to a capital you have open borders access. If its the only outside city with the Ashen Veil...
  4. Nookie12

    Nookie12 Chieftain

    Sep 12, 2010
    Orbis is a great mod ! And I hope you will make AI more competitive... Make another civ 4 Orbis version with better AI and alot of peoples wil lbe very greatful for you .. Actualy no other changes are necessary.:goodjob:

    highest difficulty I played is Emperor and there are some tips about AI:

    - very passive in war.. even if he 2-4 times stronger than his enemy he still can't conquer more than 2 cities(actualy I didn't saw more )
    - no naval AI
    - no magic usage(actualy not so necessary if AI will use his firces with some *brain*)
    - AI have no idea how to use bombardment
    - Stupid unit stacking in capital(it could be usefull but if he uses them to help other cities in range >.<)
    - to protect workers in mod that had alot of steath and fast units is necessary but AI doesn't know what units should protect and what units is better in attack

    I really enjoy playing this mod but AI totaly ruins all the interest... I'm beggin you to fix that stupid AI so I can enjoy this fantasy world once more :king:

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