[BTS] Barbarian Challenge 2022 Deity Edition


Oct 10, 2016
I declare victory on this one.
It's 1585 AD. The City of Barbarians has fallen, the continent is fog-busted and I have acquired all resources requested. My wise men are still researching the ways of melting metals and casting them on various forms, but it's only matter of time.
This could have taken a lot longer, but the barbarians were so eager for a good fight that they insisted using their longbows to attack my stack of guerilla Gallic Warriors camped on a hill outside their city. Taking the city with only one longbow left was a much easier task.

Defending your territory with constant wave of barbarians, was the easy task. The hard part was preventing bankruptcy, while still maintaining any research at all. Pottery was only discovered 1 AD, with writing following almost thousand years later at 940 AD. Staying at two or three cities longer to get basic economic techs in would probably have been a much smarter solution.

Thanks for the challenge, it was fun.
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