[BTS] Beating AdvCiv Diety: screenshots + discussion


Mar 4, 2012
I think a key problem with the gameplan that I posted playing as Ramesses was the bulbing strategy: bulbing Metal Casting, to then beeline Machinery, simply wasn't effective. I did have a game where I defeated one opponent with War Chariots, which led me getting locked into a war with Shaka, which I got Crossbows out to then provide defensive abilities but also bonuses against their melee units, it worked quite well but the problem with it is both Metal Casting and Machinery seem to be techs that the AI rather prioritizes, and going for them didn't provide good enough trade value.

As stated, I've noticed that the AI in AdvCiv don't tend to go for the early game religious techs, the AI also allows more fair trades in this mod: I've found it profitable to research Polytheism, to then trade it for Animal Husbandry and stuff, and to then beeline to Monotheism to trade for Writing and stuff. Another thing that I've noticed is that it's very easy to get all three early religions in this mod.

I'm playing as Gandhi this time: my strategy was to regenerate until I found a good map with a gold resource (silver and gems seem to be covered by forests in this mod during map regeneration, but sometimes a Gold resource can be found in starting capital). I then used the gold, and the capital stayed harvesting the Gold whilst producing a lot of Settlers and Workers, I got a lot of cities out fast this way and the gold helped sustain such. My research sequencing was the following:

Bronze Working > Meditation > Polytheism > The Wheel > Masonry > Monotheism

This gave me all three starting religions. Since I was chopping and capital was not growing and producing settlers/workers, I managed to get three cities early all with their own holy city religion. I then waited not too long with research at 0%, for someone to get Alphabet, I then backtraded, and by doing so this is what I managed to trade the religious techs for:


As you can see, I traded for Fishing, Pottery, Agriculture, Hunting, Archery, Animal Husbandry, Writing: some turns later, I also managed to trade for Sailing and Priesthood. It didn't take long to trade for Priesthood, but I perhaps got lucky hoping on that it may have been better to research Priesthood myself after Monotheism, because the next plan in my strategy was to go for Theology. I got myself out a Temple, and a Priest specialist: I only got one priest specialist, it may have been better to whip a missionary and a second temple for two priests to speed up the process, but alas, I waited a long time to get a Great Prophet, to then bulb Theology: I accumulated a lot of wealth during this period due to sitting at 0% research for quite awhile. I was also getting my other cities to accumulate great scientist points but making sure that the Prophet would come out first.

Here's some photos showing the Theology turn, first research photo shows just before bulbing, the next two photos shows how I could trade Theology with all my neighbours, and then the last photo shows all the techs I managed to trade for with Theology, note that I wasn't the first to find Christanity:


After that, I went straight for Philosophy. Again, I wasn't the first to find Philosophy, but I was the first with my neighbors and it allowed me to trade for a few things as shown:


I then went Paper > Education, I bulbed Education twice and hard researched the rest. During this time, I switched to Pacifism/Caste System and made a golden age, and I produced a lot of great people points, getting 6 great people in total so far.

So now I'm in 815AD, and am a bit unsure how to go about winning this game. It looks like I'll be the first to get Liberalism. I only have 7 cities. I bribed the Mongols to attack Germany many turns ago, mostly because I was concerned the Mongols might attack me otherwise, and they have mostly wiped out the Germans. They asked me to join their war again, and I've agreed to every Mongolian demand so far to try and maintain high relations. The Germans are very weak, so I switched to Theocracy/Slavery and whipped out some Catapults to then conquer a few Germany cities, which is what I'm doing right now.

I'm unsure if I have enough time to go for a Domination victory considering I've been playing quite passively. I've never attempted a Culture win before, but I'm interested in doing it this game. My three holy cities happen to look like they would all three be pretty decent for culture win. I need to have 12 cities to build three sets of cathedrals, so I'd need to conquer/colonise five more cities to do a culture win. Here are some photos with the current dynamics that's in my game right now:


And here's a photo with all my cities:


Because I'm whipping out some Catapults, after such, I'm interested in switching back to Organised Religion, and to build up some infrastructure whilst the population recovers.

I have some questions if anyone can give any advice as to how I can go about winning:

1) What free tech should I choose with Liberalism?

2) Which victory condition is best pursuing here? Keep in mind the city maintenance changes in this mod will make it quite a bit harder to sustain a domination victory.

3) If pursuing culture victory, is it likely going to be required to go for Universal Sufferage, so that I can use wealth to buy all the required culture buildings?

4) If pursuing culture victory, what other techs should I get before setting science slider to 0%? Should I get Riflemen?

I'd also like to ask some questions regarding what to build in different cities, since I'm still not good with deciding which buildings are worth building. I feel dangerously low on military right now, I would like to build more Longbowmen for defense.

5) I have no Forges build currently, and I'm wondering if I should build Forges in any of the cities. Like this city for example:


This will be one of the legendary culture cities: if pursuing culture victory, it'll require a lot of hammers to build all the required buildings, so should I build a Forge here, or is it simply not worth it? What about a University? I'm Philosophical so I'll get cheaper Universities, it'll provide science beakers for now and also culture. However, it still costs a lot of hammers and I'll eventually put science to 0%, so is building a University worthwhile here or no?


Should these island cities build a Library, or is it not worthwhile due to needing to set science to 0% soon?


Major Tom

Jun 1, 2005
I don’t think you can win without smashing the Mongols. Either go for currasiers or cannons, drafted rifles or both. Libbing nationalism is common and get Taj. Not sure if you dare libbing something beyond.
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