Geminus Leonem

May 29, 2016
So... I got kinda bored these past few days and, inspired in how the amazing Steel & Thunder mod adds in a 2nd Unique Unit to each Civ, I wondered if I could come up with a 2nd Unique Structure to each Civ as well.

After doing some wiki-diving, this incredibly rough list is what I was able to scrounge up:

  • America
    • Homestead - Unique Improvement
      • The Homestead Improvement would represent the massive privately-owned farming and pastoral complexes that the American Government gave away to its populace.

      • +2 Gold. +1 Food. +1 Housing. +1 Food for every 2 adjacent Farms. +1 Gold for every adjacent Plantation. +1 Production for each adjacent Pasture. Extra yields with more tech and civics. Unlocked at "The Enlightenment".
  • Arabia
    • Saqiyah - Unique Improvement
      • Saqiyahs were animal-powered machines that uplifted water into aqueducts to irrigate arid lands. During the Islamic Golden Age, these machines were heavily used in the Arabian lands while also being constantly improved upon.

      • For reference, they could possibly look like this.

      • It could be represented as an Improvement with some inherent Production and Food (maybe +2 Production, +1 Food, +2 extra Food when near Fresh Water) that boosts adjacent farms (+1 Food) and allows adjacent desert tiles to be farmable. It would be unlocked at the Engineering Tech and get more yields and bonuses with tech.
    • OR

    • Noria - Unique Aqueduct
      • Norias were, quite essentially, hydro-powered Saqiyahs. And just like Saqiyahs, they were heavily used throughout the Islamic world during the Islamic Golden Age.

      • Here's a reference for the Noria as well.

      • It could replace the Aqueduct allowing every desert tile in that city to be farmable while giving some small food bonuses either to adjacent farms or to the District itself.
  • Australia
    • CSIRO - Unique Research Lab
      • A federally funded research institute, the "Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation" has been heavily involved in major scientific and technological breakthroughs for more than a century.

      • Compared to the normal Research Lab it could grant: 2 extra Science, 1 extra Citizen Slot, and 2 extra Science Yields per Citizen working there or something akin to that.
  • Aztecs
    • Chinampa- Unique Improvement
      • Chinampa was the Nahuan name given to their famous "floating gardens". They were essentially artificial farmable isles built on and around lakes.

      • This Improvement is actually already part of the incredible Aztec Rework mod by Leugi.

      • Akin to the mod's version it would get: +1 Food. +0.5 Housing. +1 Food from every adjacent Chinampa. +1 Food to every adjacent Farm. +1 Food from 2 adjacent Farms, +1 Faith if on a Lake Tile. Extra yields with more tech and civics. Can be built Coastal Tiles near 2 Grass, Plains, or Desert Tiles. Unlocked at "Engineering".
  • Brazil
    • Brazilwood Camp - Unique Improvement
      • Brazilwood was a highly valued commodity due to it's multiple and rare properties. Its use as a component of red dye, velvet, high-end furniture, and musical instruments made the Portuguese incredibly rich during the Renaissance Period.

      • +2 Gold. +2 Culture. +0.5 Housing. Extra Yields with more tech and civics. Gives minor adjacency bonus to the Theater Square and the Industrial Center. Can only be built on Rainforests (maybe also on Woods). Unlocked at "Bronze Working".
  • Byzantium
    • Basilica - Unique Temple
      • Meant to represent the Roman/Byzantine temples built since 330AD. They are famous for their massive domes and beautiful columns.

      • The Basilica would grant extra +2 Faith and triple the city's international Trade Routes' Religious Pressure, from 0.5 to 1.5.
  • Canada
    • Hudson's Bay Company - Unique Bank
      • Founded in the XVIIth Century as a Fur Trading company, it worked for almost 200 years as the de facto government of the land surrounding the Hudson's Bay before selling the land to the Canadian Government in the 19th Century.

      • Compared to the normal Bank, the Hudson's Bay Company could give an extra minor Gold bonus (+1 or +2 at the most) to Tundra, Snow, and Woods tiles. In the case of a Forested Tundra tile, the bonus could stack.
  • China
    • Examination Hall - Unique Library
      • Imperial China was famous for its meritocracy. Even as early as the Tang dynasty has the Empire used exams to appoint various governmental posts and civil servant jobs instead of just choosing people based on their social status and wealth.

      • Compared to the Library, the Examination Hall could grant Culture equivalent to the Campus adjacency bonuses.
    • OR

    • Tributaries' Embassy - Unique Consulate
      • Due to Imperial China's predominant power in East Asia, a network of international relations, focused on tribute gifting and acknowledging China's superiority, was organically established in order to both appease China and to access the much-coveted Chinese trade goods.

      • This Tributary System still sorta exists today, as both private companies and many nations throughout the world do their best to appease the CCP in order to either get a foot into the Chinese markets or to obtain Chinese investment.

      • Compared to the Consulate, it would also grant +1 Diplomatic Favour per City-State China is Suzerain of and +1 of the corresponding yield from each City-State it is Suzerain of.
  • Cree
    • Sabtuan - Unique Market
      • The Cree term for "Longhouse". Semi-permanent residential dwellings, built to house multiple families and hold meetings.

      • It also feels like a pretty apt Unique Structure to add since the Haudenosaunee have close to no chance of being part of the New Frontier Pass, and as such, have unfortunately little chance of appearing officially in Civ 6.

      • Compared to the Market, the Sabtuan could give some extra trade bonuses. Like giving the city it is built upon a Trading Post if it doesn't have one already, doubling the Trading Post bonus for passing trade routes and granting all trade routes passing or ending in the City it is built upon an extra bonus of +4 Gold (both International and Domestic).
  • Egypt
    • Nilometer- Unique Water Mill
      • A structure to study the Nile's water quality and level during the Flooding Seasons. It was essentially a column submerged in the river with various indentations to mark the depth of the waters.

      • This Structure is actually already in the game's "Gifts of the Nile" Scenario, and it would work in similar ways.

      • Unlike the Water Mill, it would be unlocked at "Irrigation" and grant: +1 Food, +1 Production, +1 Science, +1 Food and Production to Floodplains.
  • England
    • Recording Studio - Unique Broadcast Center
      • This Recording Studio is meant to represent the explosion in popularity of British music through the 60s and 70s, thanks to bands like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie and of course the Beatles.

      • Compared to the Broadcast Center, the Recording Studio would grant +6 Culture when Powered, double the normal Great Musician points (+4), double the Great Work of Music Slots (+2), and grant Rock Bands the special promotion "British Invasion", making it perform everywhere as if 1 level higher than it actually is.
  • Ethiopia
    • Hawelti - Unique Improvement
      • During the Classical Era, various Aksumite kings, inspired by the Nubians and Egyptians of old, raised their own funerary Obelisks, known as "Hawelti".

      • This Improvement is already present in the amazing Sukritact's Ezana mod.

      • Akin to Sukritact's mod, the Hawelti would be limited to one per city, giving Faith based on the tile's Appeal (+1,+2,+4) and boosting trade routes from the city by either +1, +2, or +4 Culture, depending on the tile's Appeal. Unlocked at "Mysticism".
  • France
    • Grand École - Unique Military Academy
      • A French institution of higher education, separate from its public university system. Inspired by its own military colleges, they were first founded around the 17th century, after the French Revolution, with entries based on merit to open up higher education to the masses.

      • Compared to the Military Academy the Grand École also gives +3 Science and a bonus of +2 of the appropriate yield from adjacent districts.
  • Gaul
    • Dunon - Unique Improvement
      • Dunon is essentially the Gaulish name for the Fortified Cities that the Oppidum represents. However, this Improvement would be more representative of small hillforts spread about through Gaul.
      • This improvement is pretty much taken directly from Sukritact's Gaul mod which I highly recommend.

      • The Dunon would work as a Fort (giving units +4 defense and 2 Turns of Fortification) while also granting +1 Food, +1 Housing, and +1 Production if on a hill. Needs to be built on top of Camp or Pasture resources and grants that resource's yields to adjacent tiles. Cannot be removed. Yields improve with tech and civics.
    • OR
    • Nemeton - Unique Holy Site
      • Nemeton is the name given to the Celtic Sacred Groves that housed shrines and temples to gods and goddesses like Epona, Nemetona, Cernunnos, and Sequana. Druids would often congregate in these Nemeta to hold councils and practice their religious rites.
      • The Nemeton would visually look heavily forested, with various trees scattered around and within the District. It would also have a massive tree in its empty space. Its icon would be a Celtic Tree.

      • The Nemeton would have a standard adjacency bonus from Forests and Rainforests, but it would only be placeable in a Forest tile and would gain no bonus from Mountains.
  • Georgia
    • Svan Towers - Unique Improvement
      • Defensive Tower Houses, of around 20ish meter of height, built in the Svaneti region of Georgia. They were usually built as complexes of multiple Tower Houses united by wooden bridges.

      • This Improvement would essentially work as a quasi-fort with inherent production, housing, and defense. It could give extra yield bonuses from being built upon hills and from being adjacent to mountains while being unlocked at "Defensive Tactics".
  • Germany
    • Ordensburg - Unique Armory
      • Fortresses built by the Germanic Holy Orders during the middle ages to both house the invading knights and to aid in their colonization of the Baltics.

      • Compared to the Armory, the Ordensburg could give some extra +2 Housing, +2 Faith, +2 Religious Pressure, and maybe grant a Faith boost equal to 20% of the Production cost of non-civilian units whenever they are produced.
  • Gran Colombia
    • Paisa Town - Unique Commercial Hub
      • The Paisa region of Colombia is famous both due to its residents' unique culture and due to producing some of the most famous coffee blends in the world.

      • This District is present in Leugi's original Colombia mod.

      • The Paisa Town could synergize with Gran Colombia's unique Improvement, the Hacienda/Finca, by having a Minor Adjacency Bonus to both Hacienda/Fincas and Plantations. It could also create a copy of whatever luxury good is being worked in adjacent Plantations.
  • Greece
    • Agora - Unique Market
      • Literally meaning "Gathering Place" in Greek, the Agoras served both as commercial centers and as social spaces where political, artistic, and military matters could be performed and discussed freely.

      • The Agora could grant extra bonuses to trade routes to City-States. The first trade route to a City-State from one of Greece's cities with an Agora could grant it an extra Envoy and trade routes to City-States from cities with an Agora could have extra yields, be it extra Gold, Culture or extra Yields corresponding to the City State type.
  • Hungary
    • Végvár - Unique Fort
      • The Végvár were a series of border castles built in the southern Hungarian border during the 15th Century with the simple purpose of stopping Turkish aggression. Not many of these border castles still stand today however as they were either dismantled or destroyed through the 18th century.

      • These special Forts should be able to be built by workers and unlocked with the "Castles" tech. They could grant more defense than a normal Fort, plus some extra faith and maybe some adjacency bonuses to Farms and whatnot.
  • Inca
    • Qhapaq Ñan - Unique Mountain Tunnel
      • While it is currently Pachacuti's Unique Improvement, the Incan Royal Road could be the perfect 2nd Unique Structure with just a few additions.

      • The new Qhapaq Ñan could, for example, grant the Mountain Tile it is built upon +1 Gold and extra Gold depending on the number of trade routes that pass through it... maybe +1 Gold per Trade Route or something like that. Plus it could get some more yields with more techs and civics.
  • India
    • Mandir - Unique Temple
      • "Mandir" is the Hindi word used to reference Hindu Temples and is commonly used when referencing said Temples within India itself.

      • The Mandir could simply be represented in-game with a Gopuram model. The side Gopuram of the Meenakshi Temple Wonder would probably be a good fit.

      • The Mandir could grant more faith than normal temples and buff up Gurus by allowing them to spread India's faith whenever they heal a friendly unit and by healing one extra time.
  • Indonesia
    • Candi - Unique Temple
      • "Candi" is the name given to the Hindu Temples built throughout Indonesia up until the end of the Majapahit Empire.

      • Within the game, the Candi could look like the famous Bajang Ratu, the Wringin Lawang, or any other Eastern Java Style Candis.

      • The Candi could grant an extra an inherent +2 Culture and grant +2 Faith (and maybe +1 Culture as well) to each Luxury Resource Tile being worked in the city.
  • Japan
    • Kabuki Theater - Unique Tier 2 Theater Square Building / Concert Hall
      • Kabuki theatre is an ultra-stylized avant-garde and male-exclusive form of Japanese Theater that was established in the XVIIth century and popularized in the XVIIIth.

      • If you have infixo's Real Great Musician mod enabled (and you SHOULD) then the Kabuki Theater would replace the Concert Hall.

      • While not a Kabuki Theater per se, the great JNR's Dojo mod's model of said Dojo would be perfect to represent it.

      • The Kabuki Theater would grant +2 Culture, +1 Citizen Slot, +1 Great Writer Point, +1 Great Musician Point, +1 Slot to Great Works of Writing, +3 Slots to Great Works of Music, +1 Gold to all Great Works in the City.
  • Khmer
    • Baray - Unique Aqueduct
      • Barays were artificial bodies of water commonly associated with the Khmer Empire.

      • The Baray is part of the great Sukritact's Khmer Rework and would work pretty much the same: +2 Housing and +2 Amenities. +1 Housing from adjacent Farms and Wonders. Adjacent Farms receive an additional +2 Food, +1 Faith. Prevents Food loss during Drought. Cannot be built on Hills. Military Engineers can spend a charge to complete 20% of a Baray’s production.
  • Korea
    • Chaebol - Unique Stock Exchange
      • As giant industrial conglomerates controlled and owned by a single family, the South-Korean Chaebols are the result of a massive industrialization push, foreign investment, and major amounts of state guidance. Right now most of the richest and famous South-Korean brands are part of a Chaebol, with the three most famous being Hyundai, Samsung, and LG.

      • The Chaebol would grant extra +2 Production (+4 if Powered) and +1 Science to Korea for each Foreign International Trade Route either ending or passing through the City.
  • Kongo
    • Raffia Mill - Unique Workshop
      • The Kongo Kingdom was famous for its use of Raffia filaments in its iconic luxury textile items. In-game you can see some of these Raffia textiles adorning Mvemba a Nzinga.

      • The Raffia Mill could, for instance, add in 1 Production to the city's Woods and Rainforests and an extra +1 Gold to Resources in Woods and Rainforests.
  • Macedon
    • Heroon - Unique Shrine
      • Heroa were Hellenic shrines dedicated to worship fallen Heroes. Not only were there various Heroa built to worship Alexander's Argead dynasty throughout Macedon, but Alexander himself claimed to be a living god and was worshipped as such. After Alexander's death, Ptolemy founded the Imperial Cult of Alexander, placing him at the same level as the Olympian Gods.

      • The Heroon could grant extra +1 Great General Points, some extra Loyalty (+2 or something), and allow the city to buy melee units, ranged units, and Hetairoi with Faith.
  • Mali
    • Mudbrickyard - Unique Workshop
      • Mudbricks have been used throughout various arid regions of the world, where timber is rather scarce, since the Bronze Age. The Mali empire possessed its own type of Mudbrick known as "Banco", which was famously used to build the Great Mosque of Djenné, the largest mudbrick structure in the world.

      • The Mudbrickyard could simply grant extra +2 Production and +1 Production to the City's Desert Tiles.
  • Maori
    • - Unique Fort
      • Pā were essentially stratified hillforts, built by the Maori with palisades atop defensive terraces.

      • The current in-game Pā is a unique improvement only built by the Toa unit that works as a normal Fort with extra healing properties that can only be built on hills.

      • The new Pā would be buildable by both the Toa and by Military Engineers. It would still require a hill to be built upon while granting the defensive bonuses of the Fort and it's extra healing properties, without sacrificing tile yields. It could also grant a small bonus yield of Food to represent the plantations within said Pā, plus some more yields with more tech and civics. It would be unlocked alongside the Toa with the "Construction" tech.
  • Mapuche
    • Silversmithy - Unique Workshop
      • Mapuche culture is famous for its silverwork. Since the time that European Settlers brought metallurgy to the New World, the Mapuche have developed their own unique style os silversmithing. They produced a huge amount of silverware goods up until the XIXth century when Argentina and Chile mass murdered the Mapuche people and expelled the survivors from their homeland.

      • The Silversmithy could grant extra +2 Culture, +1 Gold to Mines, and a stackable extra +2 (maybe +3) Culture to Mines with Luxury Resources.
  • Maya
    • K'uh-Nah - Unique Improvement
      • Literally meaning "Divine House" in Mayan, the K'uh-Nah were the now-famous Mayan temple-pyramids, which are unique in Mesoamerica due to their reliefs of mixed astronomical and mythological events.

      • The K'uh-Nah could be an improvement that grants +1 Science, +1 Faith, +1 Faith if built on a Hill, +1 Science per 2 Adjacent Rainforests, +1 Faith per 2 Adjacent Woods, needs to be built on a Rainforest or Woods Tile, cannot be built adjacent to another K'uh-Nah. Gains more yields with Tech (+1 Science at Mathematics and whatnot) and is unlocked with the "Astrology" Tech.
  • Mongolia
    • Ger- Unique Improvement
      • The Mongol word for "Yurt". They were round skin-covered tents and the main dwellings of the Steppe Nomads.

      • The Ger would represent the vast steppe herds and be an improvement that grants +1 Production, +1 Food, +1 Culture, +1 Food to adjacent non-forested, unimproved Grassland or Plains Tile, +1 Production per adjacent Pasturable Resource (+2 if they are Horses), needs to be built upon a non-forested, non-hilly Plains or Grassland Tile without access to Fresh Water and not adjacent to other Gers. Gains more yields with Tech and Civics (especially more yields to the bonus given to adjacent empty tiles) and is unlocked with the "Horseback Riding" tech.
  • Netherlands
    • Waag- Unique Bank
      • Waags were specialized public buildings where goods would be weighed and taxed. They were rather common through the Netherlands and Northern Germany before international weight standards were established.

      • The Waag could grant some extra bonuses to Trade Routes starting in the City with the Waag, based on the resources of the destined City, such as +1 or +2 Production per Strategic Resource and +2 or +3 Gold per Luxury Resource. Plus it could boost International Trade Routes to a city with a Waag by +2 Gold and +1 Production or something like that.
  • Norway
    • Hǫfn - Unique Harbor
      • The Old Norse word for Harbor or Haven. These Hafnar would represent the many trade ports established by Norse traders throughout the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and Russian rivers.

      • Aesthetically, the hǫfn would look like a normal Harbor with some extra Norse boathouses (also known as naust), and some Norse round shields spread through its pier. Its Icon could simply be the Lögr rune.

      • These Hafnar could grant their city an automatic Trading Post, increase the yields of trade routes that pass through their city (extra gold or something), and grant a 25% Production discount for Naval Melee and Naval Raider Units.
  • Nubia
    • Sim-Mk - Unique Holy Site
      • Directly translated from Meroitic meaning "House of God", "Sim-Mk" was the most common term used by the Kuhorsehockyes when mentioning their Temple Complexes in their hieroglyphs. The more common Egyptian term "Hwt-Ntr" (also meaning "House of God") is also found in some Kuhorsehockye religious complexes that were originally built by Egyptian dynasties.

      • This Unique Holy Site already sort of exists in the "Gifts of the Nile" Scenario and in the p0nkiel's "Precinct of Amun-Ra" mod.

      • Akin to the "Precinct of Amun-Ra" mod, the "Sim-Mk" would grant an extra +1 Faith to Marshes, Oasis, and Floodplains while having extra Major adjacency bonuses from Oasis and extra Standard adjacency bonuses from Floodplains.
  • Ottomans
    • Siege Foundry - Unique Armory
      • The Ottomans were famous for the development of revolutionary artillery pieces from the mid-XVth century to the XVIIth century, like the famous Great Turkish Bombard, the Darbzen, and the Abus Gun. The "Siege Foundry" aims to represent their achievement in this specific camp.

      • The Siege Foundry would essentially take on the properties of the Ottoman's UA (which would need to be slightly changed) and give a 50% Production discount to Siege Units produced in the city while granting these Siege Units an extra +5 Combat Strength.
  • Persia
    • Satrap's Court - Unique District
      • Satraps were, quite simply, the governors of massive provinces within the Zoroastrian Persian Empires, which was also adopted by Alexander's short-lived Empire and by the Seleucid Empire. These Satraps were chosen by the Shah and held high levels of autonomy within their Satrapy, being reigned in only by the checks and balances imposed upon them by a group of royal emissaries that made periodic reports to the Shah.

      • This Unique District is pretty much directly taken from the incredible p0kiehl's Satrap's Court mod.

      • Akin to the mod, the Satrap's Court grants the same yields as a City Center if the city has 100% Loyalty, plus some extra Loyalty (+2 or something), some extra yields to foreign trade routes passing through the city, and it cannot be built near the City Center.
  • Phoenicia
    • Tophet - Unique Shrine
      • Tophets were sacrificial precincts and burial grounds present in all the Phoenician cities and colonies. The word itself originates from a reference in the Bible of a place where Phoenician would sacrifice their children to the gods Baal and Tanit. Although the child sacrifice itself is disputed, as the child corpses found within these Tophets all show signs of dying by natural causes, the religious and cultural importance of the Tophets themselves remains.

      • Visually, the Tophet could simply look like a simple stele with the symbol of Tanit engraved upon it, surrounded by pottery and whatnot.

      • This Tophet could simply grant some extra culture (+1 or +2) and some boosts of Culture each time a unit or building is bought in the city (maybe 10% or 20% of the unit or building cost).
  • Poland
    • Barbakan - Unique Armory
      • Barbicans, or Barbakans in Polish, were round defensive fortifications that preceded the entrance of castles and cities in order to fortify their gates. They were rather popular in Poland from the XIVth century to the XVIIth century.

      • The Barbakan, besides the normal Armory bonuses, would grant extra 2 Culture, extra Defense to the Encampment (maybe extra 50 Health and +2 Combat Strength) and some extra 25% combat experience to heavy and light cavalry units (stackable with the Stables bonus) to represent the Polish focus on Cavalry through the Early Modern Era.
  • Rome
    • Castra - Unique Fort
      • Castrum were standardized fortified military towns designed to house, protect, and field a Roman Legion. They were always rectangular, with a gate in each wall, a forum-like administrative center, a manor for the Legion's Legate, proper houses for the Tribunes (officials), a hospital, a massive bathing complex, multiple workshop complexes, and enough barracks to field up to six thousand Legionaries.

      • The Roman Castra already has a unique model present in JNR's Castrum mod.

      • The Castra would be buildable by both the Legion unit and Military Engineers. It would have all of the Fort's defense bonuses and extra +1 Housing, +1 Production, +1 Culture, and some more yields with extra Tech. It would be unlocked either alongside the Legion unit at "Iron Working" or at "Construction".
  • Russia
    • Ostrog - Unique Encampment
      • Ostrogs were fortified Russian settlements surrounded by wooden palisades. They were used from the Medieval Age to the Colonization of Siberia in the XVIIth Century. Later, in the XVIIth and XIXth Centuries, they were used as prison camps.

      • The silhouette of the Ostrog tower could be used as the District's Icon with good effect.

      • The Ostrog, besides the usual Encampment bonuses, could grant extra Housing (+1 or +2), extra +1 Production or Gold per Tundra Tiles adjacent to it (to represent the labor-intensive conditions of the Ostrog settlements and the Yasak tribute system), and maybe even deal constant damage to all adjacent Enemy Units.
  • Scotland
    • Oilthigh - Unique University
      • Oilthighean, Scottish for Education Houses or Universities, are meant to represent the medieval and early renaissance Universities of Scotland (which were the majority of high education sites in Britain, and especially in Scotland, for a good long time).

      • The Oilthigh could have extra + 1 Citizen Slot, +2 Science, +1 Great Scientist Point, and maybe some extra Science to Trade Routes passing by the city with the Oilthigh... a tad boring bonuses but I can't think of anything unique for them.
  • Scythia
    • Skulatae Stable - Unique Stable
      • "Skula" is a derivation of the proto-Scythian word "Skutha", meaning "archer", and, according to Herodotus, was what the Scythian Royalty (not to be confused with the "Royal Scythian" tribe known as the Paralaetae) self-designated as. Another origin of the title is proposed by Herodotus as it being a derivation of the legendary Scythian king Scules' name.

      • Scythians were incredible horse breeders and one of the first documented people to have created a truly effective cavalry unit. This Unique Building would serve as a representation of their equestrian achievements.

      • The Skulatae Stable could grant extra +2 Faith and a 20% discount for Light and Heavy Cavalry Unit Production.
  • Spain
    • Lonja - Unique Bank
      • Lonjas, also known as "Casas de Contratación", were Spanish establishments used as mercantile meeting houses that controlled trade deals, migration to Spanish Colonies, and expeditions to America. The most famous of these Lonjas was, of course, the "Casa Lonja" of Seville, which is represented in-game as the "Casa de Contratación" Wonder.

      • Aside from the normal bonuses from a Bank, the Lonja could grant: a bit more Gold (+2 or +3), an extra bonus to intercontinental Trade Routes, be them domestic or international, that either start or end in the city (maybe some extra Gold and Faith), and extra +1 Great Merchant Points if it's on the Spanish Home Continent.
  • Sumer
    • É - Unique Shrine/Holy Site
      • 'É' is simply the Sumerian word for Temple. This Structure would overlap with the already existing "Ziggurat" Improvement, but the Sumerian Temple Complexes truly are their most unique architectural achievement.

      • In-game the 'É' could either be represented as a Shrine replacement using the temple present in the top of the Ziggurat Improvement with some minor changes or it could fully replace the Holy Site with the aforementioned Ziggurat temple placed in the empty quadrant and maybe even a small elevated platform below the district itself.

      • If it replaced the Shrine then it would grant extra +1 Great Scientist Points and either +1 Science or Faith per Ziggurat in the city.

      • If it replaced the Holy Site then it would have an extra Standard Adjacency for Rivers and Ziggurats, +1 Great Scientist Points, and extra +2 Science to Citizen Yields working there.
  • Sweden
    • Royal Academy - Unique University
      • The Swedish Royal Academies are independent institutions founded by Royal Charters since the XVIIIth century. They are famous for being the Prize Awarders of the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Economic Sciences, and Literature.

      • The Royal Academy is already present in Merrick's Sweden mod, represented by a tweaked "Military Academy" model.

      • The Royal Academy could have bonuses akin to the aforementioned mod: Extra +1 Great Scientist, Engineer, Merchant, Writer, Artist, and Musician points.
  • Zulu
    • Iziko - Unique Amphitheater
      • "Iziko" means hearth in the Zunda languages (Zulu, Xhosa, and the like). It is meant to represent the gathering places where the Zulu people would bond and perform their oral traditions, such as isicathamiya music or izibongo poems.

      • In-game this "Iziko" could use the fireplace (and maybe some iqukwane huts) from the Ikanda Unique District as it's model.

      • The Iziko could take some notes from the Marae building and, instead of the normal Amphitheater bonuses, could grant a boost of Culture and Faith equal to 20% of a Unit's Production cost whenever one is produced in the city.
And since I am just that bored here are some possible Unique Structures for the unnanounced Civs that I believe will be in the Pass.
  • Mughals
    • Qila - Unique Renaissance Walls?
      • If the Mughals are indeed chosen (which I know it's the Civ least likely to be picked from these five, but let's go with it), then the Mughal Forts are probably gonna be picked as their Unique Structure.

      • They could either be an Unique Encampment, Fort/Improvement, or Renaissance Walls. I am not sure which one they would pick...
    • Bageecha - Unique Improvement
      • The Mughals were heavily inspired by Iranian customs. They replicated their unique Friday Mosques, their Tombs, and their Gardens. The Bageecha are essentially Mughal Paradise Gardens.

      • I could see it being represented in-game by a tweaked Persian Pairidaeza with a bigger focus on waterways and a Mughal Tomb instead of the palace.
  • Vietnam (already leaked)
    • Water Puppet Theater - Unique Tier 2 Theater Square Building / Concert Hall
      • The Water Puppet Theater will probably be the pick for the already leaked Vietnam, though I am not quite sure how they will represent it.

      • I would personally do something akin to the Kabuki Theater mentioned above with some different bonuses, but I can see it being an Improvement, an Amphitheater replacement, or even a Unique Theater Square Replacement that need to be placed near water.
    • Temple of Literature / Imperial Academy - Unique University
      • The Temple of Literature of Hanoi housed the first Vietnamese University that replicated the Chinese institutions of high learning.

      • This building could fit various niches, depending on what Vietnam ends up focusing on. It could be focused on Faith/Science, Tourism/Science, Amenities/Science, Great Scientist Points, High Citizen Yields, etc, etc.
  • Babylon
    • Astrology House - Unique Shrine
      • Taken straight up from Humankind's Babylon, the Astrology house is meant to represent the Babylonian achievements in Astronomy thanks to their religion's astrological focus.

      • The Astrology House would essentially be a Science focused Shrine, that grants extra Great Scientist Points and decent Science yields.
    • Babylonian Walls - Unique Ancient Walls
      • The most likely pick for the Babylonian Unique Structure. Not much needs to be said about the Walls of Babylon. They were a massive and wondrous work of Bronze Age Masonry and it's Ishtar Gates were considered a Wonder just by themselves.

      • The Babylonian Walls would probably be stronger than normal Ancient Walls and make Battering Rams ineffective.

And that's it! Those are all of my ideas for a "2nd Unique Structures" mod/addition/whatever.

I know it's a pretty unbalanced list and it will probably never see the light of day, but it was pretty fun to brainstorm it!

Edit: Just updated the list with new released Civs. I will probably do the same for the remaining Civs when they release.
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I liked this post prior - I just wanted to return to say that I think it's an excellent post, full of plenty of good ideas. I am a big fan of content diversity - in fact, I'm going to message you directly to discuss some of these ideas. I am currently - just for my own modding practice - working on a project that will increase the depth of content per civilization and I would be interested in pinching many of the things you've listed. I figured you would be interested in that as it may be a way for some of those ideas to, indeed, see the light of day.

Of course, not really sure what your desire to actually mod the game is, or indeed see these ideas realised! If you intend to develop these yourself, you are welcome to issue a hands-off warning. :)
  • Castra - Unique Fort
    • Castrum were standardized fortified military towns designed to house, protect, and field a Roman Legion. They were always rectangular, with a gate in each wall, a forum-like administrative center, a manor for the Legion's Legate, proper houses for the Tribunes (officials), a hospital, a massive bathing complex, multiple workshop complexes, and enough barracks to field up to six thousand Legionaries.

    • The Roman Castra already has a unique model present in JNR's Castrum mod.

    • The Castra would be buildable by both the Legion unit and Military Engineers. It would have all of the Fort's defense bonuses and extra +1 Housing, +1 Production, +1 Culture, and some more yields with extra Tech. It would be unlocked either alongside the Legion unit at "Iron Working" or at "Construction".

Hello! I was able to add the Castra Unique Improvement! I will attach the file so you can test it out for yourself.

I didn't add the model from JNR's Castrum mod since I don't have permission, and because I don't know how to add .artdefs, .blps, etc. I don't own the game on steam but on Epic.
I mostly added the Housing, Production, Culture bonuses and was able to get the Military Engineer to build the Castra. This mod however will replace the Roman Fort, since I did update the improvement.

I have also gone and attached the Castra to Trajan's Leader Ability (All Roads Lead To Rome), so that other civ's can't build the Castra(Since you wanted the Military Engineers to build it, it must be attached to a ability).

Tech wise, I just added a + 1 production when Iron Working is researched(You can add more if you'd like).

This is my take on your idea, and also great ideas! hopefully someone will work on this:)


  • Rome Idea.7z
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Hey, interesting ideas. If i can make a suggestion about the Gauls : I always see dunon and nemeton being suggested, but one worthy gallic building is always forgotten :

> The gallic sanctuary (I don't know what is the exact name in english, in french it's "enclos sacré" or "sanctuaire gaulois")

It was one of most important structure in the oppidum cities. It's why we found several remains for these buildings : they were one of the largest building of the gallic cities, and some had colonnade and a lot of sacrificed objects.
If fit well with Gauls which reached advanced stage of city building in comparison of some other celtic poeple.
A well-known war musical instrument was stored in these sanctuaries, and it is believed that the instrument had a sacred role : the carnyx.
And these sanctuaries were so important in gallic culture than they continued to exist in gallo-roman cities when gauls were assihimilated. One of the famous architecural evolution of these sanctuaries is the Fanum.

And IMO, it fit simply better with the ambience of gallic cities in comparaison of Nemeton, which refer more to the whole celtic and druidic tradition : natural sanctuary, live with the forest, etc ...

Some references with images if you are interessed :

A reconstitution in 3D :
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