[BTS] Age of Ice bug that needs squashing!


Dec 4, 2005
To get to the point, my Caerburlin unit (the Hunter/Hero type) in my BTS-Age of Ice game/scenario, when upgraded to an Assassin (which makes him uber), refuses to work properly!

In short, after the upgrade, his avatar does not show at the bottom of the screen, he cannot be selected just by himself unless he is on a tile of his own, I cannot see combat outcome predictions, etc etc etc...(though he can, at least attack :p )

Does anyone know a fix I can apply?? i.e. a user-made patch or change to the .ini or some such?? This is a real big downer since it is nearly a game breaker after so much time I invested in it :(

I am running Windows Vista 32

~A depressed BTS player
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