[BtS][RFC] BeBear's FINE_TUNE MOD for RFC v1.2


Nov 8, 2005
BeBear's FINE_TUNE MOD v1.2 for RFC (latest is v1.07)

a few days hard works...

RFC is great, but not great enough ... Whats good for this fine_tune MOD?

- fine tune for buildings: better obsolete rules and conquest rules, balanced effects
- fine tune for techs: better trade rules, only "know how" tech could be trade
- fine tune for handicap: precise balanced for handicap rule, all 3 level reasonable and fun
- fine tune for RiseAndFall: AI not so easy to fall by conquests and suffer less by "betrayal"
- fine tune for Mercenary: precise method for cost and maintance calculation and some fine tunes
- fine tune for Plague: still deadly but not so hard, and city pop will not fall below 3

And most important it's a FINE_TUNE MOD, can be play for saved game without starting a new game!!!

Usage: copy "XML" "Python" dir to \Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Rhye's and Fall of Civilization\Assets\ and overwrite, backup file already included and named with .rfc107

details and downloads:
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