Building an empire of Metropolises

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Great idea. I was before building five squares up diagonally from cities, but now I will only have to count two.
Whoa. How many cities was that, and how large were they?
Great article! I've always been a builder type, but your system is much more efficient than mine... I always end up w/ several marginal cities to fill in all the unused spaces. Lately I've been playing Monarch level, and I find it's better to build lots of cities close together to win. Too bad -- I miss those highly efficient big cities!

On Regent level or lower I build all cities in a 4-over, 1-up or down pattern, but since I love the Harbor/Offshore Platform combo I make adjustments to maximize the number of coastal cities.

How do you integrate conquered cities into your Empire? Do you raze the ones that don't fit, or just live with your rival's poor placement choices?
Hey, that strategy rocks!! I tried it with Greeks and the outcome both at building and army supporting was awesome!!

I placed the two rings of cities around Athens and started building. Even with building/entertaining rate set to 50%/50% the income was over 100 gold per turn (ehhmm, I play in the moderate levels, haven't tried monarch or deity yet).

It's the highest production rate (both in gold and building) I ever had. Thanks for the tip!!

As for the integrating of the cities captured I use to hold only those with valuable resources or the ones with wonders. The others I raze or give as a gift to one of my allies at the war.

someone made an easy to read dotmap version of OCP, and i cant seem to locate it. i was wondering if anyone knew where it was.

(its not thefrenchzulu's one)
Hey dude. I used your O.C.P. and im not sure if it was just a good game or a great city placement strat, but i expanded F#!*ing fast! by the time i had 30 cities my enemys only had 5-8 and it was 500bc! I'm still playin the game now. im the largest civ left( Taking out America and China was quite simple)hahahaha!:D
hey-nice sttrategy-i used to always use a 3 out and 1 diagonal placement (unfrtunently there was waste, although it was only 3 squares)
-your placement is similar to the one i always used, only a different width to fill in the 3 waste
-i love to make maps that exploit different building strategys and such, so if someone would teach me how to upload a file id be happy to let people use m map that takes advantage of this.; I just joined, but ive been reading for a while so i'm not good at all this fancy technical stuff
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