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building notes, weaker ones

Discussion in 'Communitas Expansion Pack' started by mystikx21, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Ahriman

    Ahriman Tyrant

    Jun 8, 2008
    Washington, DC
    I think the +1 for each resource somewhere is fine, but I also think that it's very important for quarry/pasture/plantation/camp to get the same bonuses from techs that farms and mines do, including the freshwater/no freshwater split.
    But I hope we don't increase beyond that.
    I think +2 faith for resources on the temple is a mistake, it shifts too much of the value of the temple onto resources rather than the building itself.

    The mint is the weirdest of all the buildings, because it is something where the original design was purely to boost resources; the building literally did nothing else.
    It doesn't really fit any clear gameplay need, it's basically the same as the market but tailored to particular resources. Why do there need to be 2 gold boost techs there?
    Another thought would be to merge the bonus into the caravanserai.

    I think this makes sense. The other question I would ask is: are there cases where you would want to build them in different types of cities? And the answer is really no, they are both for unit production cities.
  2. Wichtel

    Wichtel Chieftain

    May 9, 2010
    You are right that the forge is unnecessary as it is. And it might be a good move to get rid of unnecessary buildings. But I think the normal game has a good balance about how many buildings there are. If you are playing tall building a unit feels like a sacrifice because you would rather build an other building. I feel there are as many buildings as are needed to make. city specialization meaningful and building units a real choice. We should not turn the question "Should I built this?" into "When will I build this?"

    I don't mind giving the unit production bonus to all city's with the armory, instead of just the iron cities. But I think we should not reduce the amount of hammers needed to build every building. Instead of merging the resource boosting buildings with buildings we will build anyway we should turn them into interesting buildings themselves. For example I would like there to be a building that offered a choice similar to the granary but about production. Worker or building seems like a fun mechanic to me.

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