[BNW] Byblos? Babylon?


Feb 6, 2024
So I bribed Pacal to go to war against Babylon (what can i say, Nebu was getting just a tad too annoying 'throws up hands'...), that's where things are getting strange...

So Babylon only has one city, on a snow tile in the upper north (where I confined him earlier in the game, heh. It does have some fish tiles around...). And one of Mayan cities is, I think 9 tiles below, at almost viewing distance. With a large fleet.
So Pacal DoWed Babylon, and,... What the heck is he doing, his whole fleet starts moving in just about the opposite direction, ignoring the puny city up there!? And I paid a pretty hefty sum too, I want a refund, Pacal!

But instead of loading a previous save, I decide to stick around to see where they are headed. (By coincidence, Korea goes to war against France at the same time and takes over its only continental city. Napoleon still has his three-tile southern island I gifted him earlier in the game, along with some strong naval units I also gifted him so I don't think I need to worry about him just yet..)
So, while the war in France goes on, I follow Pacal through the turns. Then I see him attacking Byblos, a citystate I'm allied with! (Not that I think I need to worry about Byblos, with all the upgraded naval units I've gifted it, rather it's Pacal that should be worried. Though AI tends to be under the illusion that land units can fight as well in water as on land so its GDT and XCOM might be toast...).

Has this ever happened to someone else? I've been reading tips on here for a while, but I thought this was so strange I had to register just to post this...

Just for disclosure, I've been having a little fun with IGE.
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