BJ Joey

Oct 6, 2022
I am aware that this is probably not the correct place for this question, but I couldn't find the "obviously" correct place, so I'll give it a punt here.

How do you get horse units in Caveman2Cosmos. This may seem like such a basic question, but I am currently in a game and cannot seem to get them. I have the tech for them, I have "Horses" as a resource hooked up, bit still no horse units in build menu. Any ideas. I have checked the Pedia and gave seen that I need a "horse farm" to get a "horse breeder". I don't know how to get a horse farm.

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Mr Smith

Dec 28, 2008
Moscow's suburbs
You need a trainer, not breeder. Chariot workshop is also an option for chariots. To get farm you must have horses within 2 tiles from the city or build Central Breeder otherwise. Other options that enable trainer are herd (it counts as having horses on the city plot) and Tengri Horse Trainer (that for some reason isn't enough by itself).
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