C3C copy protection troubleshooting


Dec 27, 2003
Hi everybody,
I have purchased C3C European English version but when I run it under Windows XP it doesn't recognize the C3C CD ("Wrong Disk. Insert Civilization 3 Conquests CD."). When I install C3C under Windows 98 on the same pc it runs fine. I have installed the patch 1.12 beta but I have the same problem. Any suggestions?
Best thing to do is contract the Atari support service for such things, I'd say.

Other than that, perhaps you have any virtual CD software running under WinXP? Or CD caching? The new customer annoyance schemes are designed to interfere with all sorts of other legally installed software and prevent people from using their legally purchased C3C.
I'm not running any third party programs on Windows XP. My optical device is a Toshiba DVD 1612. I have tried to run C3C with an old CD-RW Plextor 1210 with the same result.
The problem is safedisc v3.
This is a brand new copy-protection system.

It's messing with me too. (also winxp)
Yeah, don't you just love it what they do to serve their loyal customers who want to enjoy their legally purchased CD's. On a side note, Sony Music (co-inventor of the CD format with Philips) screwed up some of their new CD's so much it doesn't even qualify for the official CompactDisc logo anymore. You buy the music CD, try to play it at home, fail miserably because they deliberately raped the CD standards. You bring it back to the shop for a refund and they say "Nonono, the seal has been broken". Another reason I never play with a CD in the tray, but only use my legally purchased copy for installation purposes. :rolleyes:
I have solved the problem. The Safedisc v3 is uncompatible with CloneCD, so I've uninstalled it and now C3C works. But why I must uninstall a program legally purchased to play another? Is it legal?
Sure, it's legal. Just as legal as Media Player hijacking the Quicktime extensions and then complaining it cannot display the format. Or AOL/Yahoo changing their instant messenger formats to remain incompatible with other products. It only annoys the vast majority of honest people. I presently play three games that have the same type of customer annoyance system. Would you believe I have three CD's sitting on my desk waiting to get sun burns? No way, they are put into the safety of the filing cabinet after installation, never to be used again until I format my hard drive.
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