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C3C Multiplayer keeps dropping player


Jan 5, 2004
I've recently started a C3C MP game with a friend, and we've just started a huge modern war with tons of units against a computer civ.

Ever since the war started, every turn or two, I get a message "Waiting for Player 1" (my friend) and a countdown, and most of the time after 60 seconds my friend is dropped.

We have a 200 ping, he is hosting the game. Why is this happening and what can be done?

Welcome to the limits of technology. ;)

This is why highspeed connections were recommended. The reason is because there's so much info to send, that the game lags out. If you want to prevent the player from dropping, keep hitting the esc button.
Thanks for the answer Chieftess.

The ESC tip is great, I'd rather wait two minutes for the game to resume than restart the whole thing.

We're actually both on high speed cable connection so I don't know why it's happenning.

Is there any significance to who is hosting the game? My computer is more powerful than his, would it help if I were hosting the games? He's done all the hosting so far because we havn't been able to start a game that I'm hosting.

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