C3C PBEM:"New World" - Discovery Scenario


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Jan 19, 2005

This will be the Age of Discovery scenario with some changes, some will be known, others will have to be revelead as the game develops. The map is very close to the original map, but there were some changes in units, techs, resources, luxuries and buildings.

1. England : Hasdrubal Barca
2. Portugal : King Stuart
3. France : Turfcat
4. Spain : Kelzad
5. Dutch : AI
6. Native1: AI
7. Native2: AI
8. Native3: AI

01. Cities in Europe can NOT be razed and\or abandoned.
02. Cities outside Europe can be razed and\or abandoned.
03. No trade with the AI on turn0.
04. Human players can trade freely with AI. However some techs can not be traded to limit this from occuring.
05. Empty cities (no units) can be traded. But only empty cities.
06. Looking into the biq file is not allowed.


- Increased the VP limit
- Added some VP locations, most of them in far away places to incentivate map discovery
- Gave more importance to VP locations and less to city conquering and unit killing

- American Native nations can not build certain units (eg. Musketmen)
- Changed the native nations in the game and their locations
- Gave some more land military units to native nations
- Gave some more ships to the European nations
- Gave some more land military units to some European nations
- Armies aren't as strong as in the basic game

- A relevant number of the techs are not able to be traded. Most of the early military techs are not able to be traded
- Reduced significantly cost of some Wonders (eg Newton University)

- The basic map is kept the same with some small changes
- Changed some type of terrain
- Changed location of resources
- Added a few roads in the New World

- Barbarians are restless
- There are other changes but you will discover them as you go along...

Hi, i can take England or Dutch. Pm me pls.
GPS for England. Nothing to report.

Remember that no trade with AI is allowed on turn 0 (this turn)!

Good sailing to everyone!

New World_T00a_Eng_1490AD.SAV

Good luck to all!

Mail adress sent

The Spanish Empire salutes its neighbours.

Don Kelzad de Habsburgo, Rey de Castilla, de León, de Galicia, de Aragón, de Navarra, de Nápoles y Sicilia, de Granada, de Sevilla, de Murcia y Jaén, de Gibraltar, de las islas Canarias, y de las Indias Occidentales; Señor de Vizcaya, de Molina, de Adeje, de Barrado, de la Casa de Lazcano, de la Casa de Rubianes, de las Siete Villas, de Meirás, de Olvera, de Paterna de Rivera, de Puerto Real, de Rubianes, de Sanlúcar, del Solar de Tejada, del Valle de Santiago, de Valdecroneja, de villafranca, de Salas; Capitán General de las Reales Fuerzas Armadas y su Comandante Supremo; Soberano Gran Maestre de la Insigne Orden del Toisón de Oro; Gran Maestre de las órdenes militares de Montesa, Alcántara, Calatrava, y Santiago; Caballero de la Orden de Javier, la Orden de la Anunciada, la Orden de la Jarretera; etcétera.
GPS England -> to King Stuart

Our northern settlers look to the south and wonder why The Queen has not dealt with those rebels yet...they have some strenght and number...

Elsewhere in the world, our sailors adventure in strange waters and fear what monsters may be lurking beneath the waves.

The Spanish Captain Cristóbal Colón discovered three islands to the west with his carrack Santa María. The smaller island were named San Juan Bautista, the medium-sized one La Española, and the bigger one, Quelçadina (pronounced Kehl-zah-DEEH-nah).

¡Viva España!
GPS England

We have discovered a new world!

Back in the old one, a dutch caravel patrols our shores....
GPS England

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