Calculator for some date/score things

EMan said:
If nobody posts to this thread for say another 6 months, then this thread will drop OFF the 1st page!
Why do you think I gave it an 18 month bump once? ;)
planetfall said:
Doesn't work with Mozilla.
It did work with Mozilla 1.0 RC1. I wonder what changed, sigh. I haven't needed Mozilla since then, don't currently use it. If/when I next need Mozilla I'll try to work out what the problem is.
No problem. You had no screen shots so I didn't know what your utility did.
JavaScript is often a pain keeping it working right between versions and browsers.

I don't use I.Explorer because of the virus risks. I alternate between Mozilla and
Firefox. I use firefox for web browsing as it is quite fast and allows me to block popups
and annoying sites. If I need to read mail, then I have to use Mozilla.

Again, no biggie. This is not a utility I would tend to use often as I hate milked games.

thanks for the response. At least we bumped the thread.

SirPleb said:
Thanks EMan! I guess I really should update it every 1/2 year or so with something new, that would help ;)
Too bad you can't do a "dummy" edit to "refresh" the utility to the top!? :lol:

I guess a "dummy" post would do it though!

SirPleb, I guess you'll have to dream up an "improvement" every few months.....even though your program performs its functions flawlessly! :goodjob:

Joking aside, it would be good to have an indexed list of utility programs! opposed to just pointing to the Forum! :)

Afterthought: Shucks, I should have posted this post in about a month! :mischief:
To this day I still use this utility. I should link to it in my sig or something...
This calculator is great. Will it also work for Civ1? Please let me know, as I still play Civ1 as well as Civ3C.

I apologize for the late reply, but why is this obnoxious?
This looks like a very useful tool. I was simply helping others find it. I hope it helps them as much as it helped me.
Why did you say that as though my help frowned upon?
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