Can anyone tell me how to get Panzer "Shafernator" General achievement?


Feb 10, 2005
Mid Michigan
Looking at debug.log

I have 137 wins
214 great generals

My Standing Army has always said 99 for some reason. I doubted I got to 99 but said ok. Started a Settler game and amassed a large empire and sitting at 102 now, and took 2 more turns. Never got achievement. My log still says 99 for Army too.

What am I missing?
Nobody? Can anyone who's gotten this achievement tell me what their log file says for Standing Army?

Here is mine:

[549068.656] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_STANDINGARMY = 99
The main Civ5 forum is just barely alive. Most Civ5 players play Vox Populi, though I don't know if they'd have the answer to your question
You might find answers in the steam civ 5 forum, it is active and a quick search shows other folk interested in the same achievement. One guy commented the 100th general had to be won in battle..
I have no idea about such things but you might try there?
I posted on Reddit about it as well and had a thought. Is this one of the ones you must do in Vanilla? I always play with Vox Populi and EUI going.
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