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Can mobile air units precision bomb?


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Nov 12, 2004
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Thinking about some threads --especially fantasy threads-- where air units carry out combat, like dragons an sitch, I want to know from veterans out there who have tested the idea.

Can an air unit NOT have the "immobile" flag? (Yes)
Can such a unit carry out combat against ground units? (Yes, IMS)

Therefor, how can such a unit be vulnerable? Yooz guyz tested air units without the immobile flag much? The only one I use is the UFO, and farzai cantell, standard air bombing will finally reach such a unit in a stack based on defense strength... But what about stealth attack?

Has this been tested? Like, to create an Apache gunship as an air unit, with 5 movement points, to move up to 5 squares, or, to attack on any of those 5 squares. I know an attack can happen on any of those squares. Anyone know what the settings need to be so that the AI can make one of these?

Whenever I set up my gunship settings as an air unit, the AI settings can't highlight to let me give the unit a strategy. Anyone know of the flags necessary to let the AI create an air unit that isn't immobile?

I can make an Apache gunship, movement 5, stealth attack, air unit with lethal land/sea bombardment which is pretty. But what flags will I need to let the AI create such a modern marvel?
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