Can My Computer Run Civ 5 Well or Not? - Bottom Line


Shades of the Sun
Oct 10, 2007
I dont have it yet, but the demo wouldn't even star for me. I was gonna uninstall a ton of games from my comp and then get civ 5, so maybe it would run fast enough to make it playable.
:eek: Yikes dont do that!

Go to this website:
System Requirements Lab install and run the program "Can You Run It?"

This program has never let me down,:goodjob: and when I dont listen to it, I have always paid the price.:(

Some examples:
1. When Civ 4 came out my laptop met the minimum specs for the game listed on the box. Unfortunately, my desktop had deficient RAM and a deficient Processor. To be sure, when I ran this program on my old Laptop and my desktop. I got the result- "You cant run it :thumbsdown:"

I didn't listen and bought Civ 4 anyway and I got the dreaded "black screen effect." Civ 4 was unplayable on both Computers.:cry: I checked what the program said was deficient, and for the both computers it was the integrated Graphics chip. This problem was not fix-able on my laptop, but I bought a new graphics card and more RAM for my desktop. After installing I checked System Requirements Lab (SRL) and viola... the desktop passed :thumbsup:, even though according to the box, it was deficient. So I ran Civ 4 and it works great. EVEN the intro MOVIES run smoothly. I had to get a new Laptop before I could run Civ 4 on my laptop, just as SRL suggested.

2. When Starcraft came out, I checked the box, and it seemed like I was good to go for Starcraft II on both my laptops. But when I bought it, it was way tooooo slowwwwwwww:badcomp:. So I remembered SRL and guess what? SRL tells me that the processor is too slow on both compys.:lol:

3. When Civ 5 was coming out, I tried to check SRL, but it was not rating Civ 5 yet. When I bought it, I asked the Geek Squad guy at the store if it would run OK, and he looks at the box and then looks up my computer model, and tells me I am good to go, I just need more RAM. So I buy more RAM and guess what? Tooooo SloOOOOWWWW.:mad:. I check SRL a couple days later, and Civ 5 is listed now. SRL tells me that I need a faster processor, to run Civ 5, thus, a new laptop.

Before you buy Civ 5, check SRL... and DON'T GO BY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BOX and don't listen to the guy at the store. Go to SRL first. If SRL says you can run it, you can. If it gives you a "fail" score :thumbsdown:, dont second guess, believe me. It might load, but it wont run well enough to play.:nono:
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