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Civ always beats me to World Wonder

Possum Pie

Feb 2, 2024
So in Civ II (my favorite civ game) It would warn that another civ was 1 turn from building a wonder. You could sell off things, pay gold, change production shields, etc. to beat them. In civ 5 this is not possible (I'm ok with that) BUT many/most wonders that I'm 1 turn away from completing are completed by another civ (Iriquois). After 50+ turns working on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it was completed one turn before me. I went back 2 turns and changed production from 15/turn to 21/turn for the city and reran it. They still beat me. I went back 4 turns, changed production to 21/turn, and they still beat me. I went back 5 turns and was still beaten.
Question: is there any other way to speed production other than the way I did it? Iraquios MUST be tweaking something to always beat me by one turn. I can't see that they are working on it, how can they see that I am? I really don't want to go back 10 whole turns and go through everything again, but I will if I have to. This is the 3rd or 4th wonder that they beat me on and I lose all of those production shields...
Chop forests?
Thanks, in that particular city I have only 2 forests and one has a lumber mill. I didn't think of cutting the other one down to increase production it would have added 15 or so production. I ended up going back 8 turns and beat the Iraquios finally. It is a huge penalty to 1. not know anyone else is working on a wonder and 2. lose all of the production points over a HUGE number of turns. At least they give you some gold as a consolation prize.

I've played Civ 2, 4,5, and 6 and all of the add-ons to them. I wanted to like 6 but it is too quirky and nearly impossible to attack cities past the ancient period. I've played it 5-6 times and always got bored with it after 200 turns or so. I like 4 especially with Leonard Nimoy doing the readings, and I must say that after 250+ turns, civ 5 is better than civ 6.
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I don't know what difficulty you're playing on, but it's pretty standard for AI to beat you to some Wonders and also vice versa.
Maybe the enemy AI there had a lot more production going on.

In both Civ5 and 6 I would say early attacks are both pretty possible. Actually it's the opposite for me, in Ancient era is a bit harder than Classical or Medieval for me...

At least 6 has the Under Siege feature.
Civ 2 was my favorite too, and I loved that feature! But I guess I can see where its a little too much of an advantage for the player. I do want to rage quit every time I get beaten by like one turn. And it happens way too often to be coincidence, the AI probably has that Civ 2 feature but we don't!
- I believe the AI knows what wonders you are building and also builds them to near completion. ex. they seemingly always get Great Library and Chichen Itza before me but never the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus or Neuschwanstein. I can't tell you how many times I rushed a wonder with a great engineer and another player completes it at the end of that turn. I find that to be highly unlikely to be coincidence, and I imagine it's a way for the AI to remain score-competitive.

- And yes, you might as well chop all forests beyond 3 tiles outside cities because you can't work them anyway. I typically never do, because I'm not big on wonders unless I really want its benefits. I should start.
Production trade routes.

Also, don't spend 50 turns going after a wonder.
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