Challenge Run #2 All the Wonders


Dec 17, 2019
I think these will be fun to do so I will try to do one per week from now on. My plan is to make some google spreadsheet to keep score over time. There will be 1 point for completing the challenge. 1 extra point for winning (usually doing it in fewest turns) and 1 extra point for having the most liked post of your game. Extra points will be awarded 1 week after challenge is posted but you can still complete the challenge after the week is up.

This weeks Challenge: As Egypt, build a Wonder from 6 different Technology tiers before turn 160. To clarify, each Era has 2 columns of techs which are the tiers so earliest you can complete this is late Medieval.

Additional rules: None. You may have multiple attempts.

Post a picture with your mouse over your portrait on the right to prove you have completed this.

Extra points:
1 Extra point for whoever completes this on the earliest turn.
1 Extra point for whichever game response gets the most likes.

Extra points will be awarded at 09/07/21 23:59 BST.

VP 7-1-2 beta

Standard Speed
Small Mapsize, 6 civs
No events
No ruins
Difficulty: Prince
Mapscript: Communitu

The start:
Screenshot (3).png

No idea what the best course is. Good Luck!


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A combination of things I think. I wasn't too interested without other people doing it but it was mostly just a bit tedious. I worked out a plan of the best way of getting those six wonders but actually doing was going to take quite a long time without being very enjoyable to do.
Spoiler My game :
Interesting challenge, thanks, Milae. I did it on turn 133, finishing with Forbidden Palace. I don't have any screenshots at the moment, but I can share later.
Spoiler :
At least it wasn't too difficult since even I managed to do it without much planning.
Went tradition one city, beauty, ended with St Basil while it took a while to get there.
It didn't seem worth planting a second city to get the Lapis monopoly but I might be wrong.
I butchered a bit the end by having my second great scientist come too late and not keeping enough gold to invest St Basil.
Thanks Milae, please keep posting those!

I wonder at what difficulty you could reasonably ask a "full wonder" challenge, the ultimate wonder hoarding game, i.e. build (no conquest) really really all the wonders :)

(barring those from the policy trees you didn't pick)
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