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[Civ2] Civ 2 (Gold Edition) Aggressive AI


Jan 11, 2016

I've played Civ 2 Gold Edition for a while now and noticed that every opponent I meet is aggressive. When I move my caravan to opponent's territory to trade, they always demand gold or technology. When I refuse, 90% of the time they declare war.
I remember that in Civ 2 Vanilla they weren't so aggressive.
Is it a Gold Edition's peculiarity or some kind of bug? I've heard of a patch for fixing it, but maybe I'm wrong.
In pinned post I saw also one solution where downgrading Civ 2 Gold Edition to Civ 2 Vanilla. Does it help?
Thank you in advance.
I highly recommend installing CIV2UIA if you are playing Civ 2 MGE (Multiplayer Gold Edition). The first post of its release thread contains a download link and installation instructions. This add-on contains a ton of enhancements, but to your point specifically, it includes a patch for AI hostility that should return it to the behavior of Civ 2 vanilla.

However, note that even with this patch enabled, the AI becomes markedly more hostile beginning at turn 200 if the human player is "Supreme" in the power ratings. This isn't considered to be a bug, though.
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