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May 29, 2017
Jan 1, 2005
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Feb 8, 1974 (Age: 43)

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HoF Quattromaster, 43, from Missouri

Super Moderator Hall of Fame Staff
Methos was last seen:
May 29, 2017
    1. topsecret
      Is there anyway you could remove the poll on this thread? I don't need it anymore.
    2. CivCube
      I posted a Mass Effect thread in the Mafia forum by mistake. Could you please move it?
    3. Sparthage
      :bday: Happy birthday, moderator man! :bday:
    4. Abaddon
      I was wondering if you have much opinion on the re-shuffle of Forum Games that is discussed in Site Feedback?
    5. GhostWriter16
    6. Abaddon
    7. mechaerik
    8. mastrude
      Methos, Moss, Shane, Camikaze:
      I set up a thread named "Looking for Hookup". Please consider making it sticky and renaming it "Looking for Hookup in Existing Games". Thanks, gents.
      If sending this to all of you violates protocol, please let me know.
    9. Art Cheslog
      Art Cheslog
      could you please tell me the best way to post a guide to the strategy and tops forum using spoilers and screenshots? i just won a deity level game in the scenario 1066 and would like to share this info with less inexperienced players. i consider myself to be an experienced player but, far from being an expert. also, i have limited computer skills. this would be my first try at such a post. thx in advance for your help.
    10. Omega124
      I realized that the Irish Coat of Arms has uncovered boobs on it. Will I be infracted for posting it on IOT World of Trade?
    11. Double A
      Double A
      Hai u!

      Can you move this thread to the Other Games section please?
    12. civplayah
    13. civplayah
      I was looking at the Model Parliament... is it possible to restart that?
    14. civplayah
      Please close this.
    15. Reiser
      Would it be allowed to start an Imperium Offtopicum Development thread in Forum Games that focuses on having multiplayer games on the Civ game series?
      For example, we could ask each one of the regular IOT players to list their Civ games, and if everybody has a certain game (e.g. vanilla Civ4), we could start and play an IOT-like game on Civ4. If not, there's always Freeciv, which does have a modernized multiplayer.
      Why I'm asking is in case it's better to have it at the game's appropriate forum.
    16. Birdjaguar
      Methos, I am restarting my NES BirdNES 3 if you want to join a game. It begins in 1490 and has entirely redrawn North America and Australian regions of the world. it is complex and robust as NESes go. There are several good nations available. Check it out in the NES forum.
    17. God Emperor
      God Emperor
      oh hi :)
      sorry for the rather late reply :) but I am sure we soon will try a mafia together (: either here or at the .org
    18. civplayah
      You really should start playing fall from heaven. It's really good.

      Also, I just noticed, you're a military veteran? What rank?
    19. remake20
      So what part of MO do you live?
    20. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      Sorry, but: I can't make head nor tails of the Hall of Fame. Can you help me? -My Pet Hamster.
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    Feb 8, 1974 (Age: 43)
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