[C3C] Civ 3 on Steam Deck Seems to Work Now (knock on wood).


Nov 10, 2016
For my fellow Steam Deck homies who also play Civ3 (Civ3 is the best Civ!), it seems that the issue that I have been dealing with these past few months has been solved (somehow; it seems like one of those issues that decided to randomly disappear after awhile maybe to show up later).

That issue was that within the first turn the terrain would disappear and turn black leaving only unit sprites and the city name tag.

So rejoice! It seems Civ3 is at least playable!
Can you see exactly which version of Proton is used, and if there are any parameters used to launch it? Those should be shown in the game properties from the steam library.

Unfortunately one of the latest updates to SteamOS seems to have re-broken Civ3...
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